The Story Behind: TVXQ! LIVE WORLD TOUR “Catch Me” [EDITORIAL]

Each concert brings a very meaningful theme to show what the concert is actually about. TVXQ! LIVE WORLD TOUR “Catch Me” is the fourth concert tour and the first ever world tour concert being carried out starting last year 2012.

Every introductory video or simply known as the ‘opening sequence’ in concerts brings a meaning before the performances are shown.

In this concert, the introductory sequence could probably be theorized and depicted as ‘Gods Rising from the East’. In every concert held by TVXQ! since 2006, all opening sequences show TVXQ! will either arrive or land on Earth.

LIVE WORLD TOUR “Catch Me” starts off with a rainfall on Earth and pans out showing the Sun is dying and begins to lose its fire. The rain on Earth slows down and the raindrops freeze, turning into hail.


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18 May 2013 – TVXQ! has finally concluded its LIVE WORLD TOUR “Catch Me” in KUALA LUMPUR. After much preparation for the past two months, we would like to thank each and every Cassiopeia who supported us and accompanied us throughout this entire journey. We will not succeed without your attention and support all this while for sure, so thank you once more.

We would also like to thank all the supporting volunteers. Without your help, the fan-supports will not succeed as well. Even under the hot blazing sun at 2:00PM, you were willing to give us outstanding support and to make sure each attendee would receive their respective goods of ours. Not to mention to those who stood at every entrance of the stadium to give out our support goods too. We appreciate your hard work and we are so grateful for your presence.

Food Support:

In this concert, although we here at Malaysia TVXQ Fans Support (MTFS) often discuss with the organizer, JPM Music, pertaining to our food support for TVXQ!, we only received requests for a comprehensive list of food and snacks from the Korean side, from TVXQ! as well as from its own crew just a week before the concert. Thus, during the concert week starting on that Monday, we began our food support back and forth for a total of three times in order to fulfil their requests.

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Star Column With TVXQ! Ep. 2 – “Story Behind the Concert” [EXCLUSIVE]

TVXQ who is reborn as the artist beyond the title of an idol. After 4 long years, they finally held their TVXQ! LIVE WORLD TOUR ‘Catch Me’ in SEOUL on last 17th and 18th of November in Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium.

As it was their concert-going-out after a long time, they had complicated feeling about it. We are here trying to convey their tension, gladness and the heart to the fans vividly. Episode 2 wants to show the scene of the waiting room of U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin without adding or subtracting.


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Star Column With TVXQ! Ep. 1 – “For the Shout of the Day” [EXCLUSIVE]

The existence that make numerous fangirls’ heart flutter just by their names. They who will celebrate their 10th anniversary since debut, which is rare for idol group, just before them. These are the stories of TVXQ! U-know Yunho and Max Changmin.

The appearances of U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin shown to the audience so far were entertainers, nothing above or below. Through this Star Column, we want to meet Jung Yunho and Shim Changmin, what they think and live on the stage or in real life. We are trying to find new significance by viewing the world not through readers’ or press’ eyes, but through their feelings and thoughts.

The 1st episode will introduce the preparation of the world tour, TVXQ! LIVE WORLD TOUR ‘Catch Me’ in SEOUL, which will be held this coming 17th and 18th of November in Seoul Olympic Gymnastic Stadium, and look furtively the world of them who tries to get out to the new world again on the camera lens.


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