JYJ’s Junsu Shows Off Pinkish Hair In Latest Selfie

Musical actor and JYJ member Kim Junsu recently revealed a selfie of his own.

Kim posted on his Twitter, “In this sunny weather..I’m going for singing..!! Only one week is remaining..Hahaha;;;” along with a selfie in his shocking pink hair in the afternoon of July 8.

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Bruce Vanderveer Poses With XIA From ‘Incredible’ Music Video Set


After almost a month since the release of Incredible music video, songwriter Bruce “Automatic” Vanderveer has tweeted a new on-set image of him posing with JYJ’s Junsu (XIA). Dressed in a yellow outfit, XIA alongside with Vanderveer posed their usual ‘peace’ signs for the camera.

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JYJ Jaejoong Officially Returns To Twitter Once More

Since after his Coffee Cojjee’s Twitter account debuted in Twitter a few weeks ago, JYJ Jaejoong has once again made a comeback with his own official account under the name, @bornfreeonekiss. Moreover, this account is currently the only account followed by his Coffee Cojjee, @coffeecojjee1, account too.

With only a few tweets, the attention began to spread like a wildfire among the fans. He began with his first tweet with “Start!” and proceeded with another tweet, “There are so many people that want my return in Twitter. So I’m back in this way. I give you sleeping JJ as a commemoration”, while attaching the photo below of him lying on the couch.


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JYJ Jaejoong Making A Twitter Comeback With A New Account!

Has JYJ Jaejoong returned to the Twittersphere after his notable account, @mjjeje, was hacked? It seems that he has made a comeback but this time promoting his new coffee shop, Coffee Cojjee, instead under a new name @coffeecojjee1.

That account tweeted yesterday, “Coffee Cojjee’s official twitter is being created today ^^ More updates will be released!”

Following after that tweet, he tweeted again today, “Hello. This is Jaejoong. I have made a Twitter account for Coffee Cojjee. Let’s release a sackful of stories!” with two new photos of himself attached.


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The Final 2-Year Lawsuit Showdown – Join The Twitter Trend! [Announcement]

We would like to start a Twitter trend with the hash tag #AKTF on July 18th and 19th starting from 12:00AM KST for two consecutive days to show our support as Cassiopeia for our boys during the court decision reported to be made on July 19, 2012.

We do not know if this will be the -absolute- end of this mess, or what the outcome will eventually be if it is, but this is a time when we want to show our solidary as Cassiopeia and our resolve to support each other and all 5 members no matter what their ultimate decisions may be.

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Park Yoo Chun’s Recent Picture Reveals His Modern Day Princely Looks

JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun’s recent picture from a fan sign event is attracting attention.

On June 7, via Ottugi company’s official Twitter, a picture of Park Yoo Chun was tweeted with the words ‘Yoo Chun who is busy autographing.”

The picture was revealed to be from an autograph event for Ottugi′s‘Gisu-myeon’ which Park Yoo Chun is the model for.

The accompanying picture showed a short-haired Park Yoo Chun donning a pair of shades while signing autographs.

In a complete 180 degree transformation from his character in Rooftop Prince, the actor and singer exuded a modern-day masculine charm.

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JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong is Sleeping Beauty?

Kim Jae Joong may be raking in the money with all the work he′s doing, but guess that means he has to get sleep whenever he can.

On June 6, Kim Jae Joong tweeted, “When I sleep, someone makes me up. I wonder why I was so tired… around October.”

The included picture showed Kim Jae Joong laying down and fast asleep. Though Kim Jae Joong appears to be passed out, with his head turned to the side, a makeup artist is still carefully touching up the singer/actor′s face.

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Yesung Tweets Photo With Fellow ‘2001 SM Trainees’- Donghae and U-Know Yunho

SM Entertainment’s 2001-joiners have taken a picture together.

On May 31, Super Junior’s Yesung tweeted, “For the first time in a long while the 2001 SM trainees together.”

Included was a picture of Yesung, Donghae and TVXQ (DBSK)’s U-Know Yunho suited up and taking a shot together. The three friends all joined SM as trainees in 2001.

Lee Tae Sung Takes Advantage of Park Yoo Chun

Lee Tae Sung may love Park Yoo Chun, but that won′t stop him from taking advantage of him!

Park Yoo Chun tweeted the photo on May 30 along with the caption, “Tae Sung hyung and Min Soohyung~ We had a fun time~ Passed out Yoo Chun and mentally blank Yoo Chun~ Were we this kind of a relationship?”

The picture showed Park Yoo Chun sleeping soundly in his bed, with the two friends pulling strange faces on either side. Lee Tae Sung even posed so it looked like he was licking Park Yoo Chun′s face.

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JYJ′s Kim Jae Joong Tweets Tired Picture Series

What’s better than one Kim Jae Joong? How about 10?

On May 23, Kim Jae Joong took time from his busy schedule to tweet, “I’m so tired I’ve aged and double eyelids have formed. I’m so tired~ ah~!”

The first picture showed nine different cuts of Kim Jae Joong while wearing a beige-colored V-neck. In it, Kim Jae Joong could be seen making a yawning expression. Another larger and close-up picture revealed a better look at his tired and ‘aged’ face.

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