K-Pop Legend TVXQ! Confirms Music Comeback With New Album Release

South Korean boyband TVXQ!, the K-Pop kings, will officially make a return after three years, and plans to release a new studio album on the 28th of this month.

TVXQ! band members Shim Changmin (left) and Jung Yunho (right). Photo: S.M. Entertainment.

The TVXQ! duo, Jung Yunho and Shim Changmin, will drop their new album later this March and will embark on different activities in South Korea. This new album will be two years and eight months since their last release of their special album Rise as God in July 2015, and four years since the Tense album in 2014.

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Something of TVXQ! [INFOGRAPHIC]

The one who became the 1st place in all music broadcast shows last week was TVXQ!, who returned with Something, which makes to move the body along with the swing jazz melody. Since the debut, TVXQ! has been always maintaining its top place for 10 years until now, just like their tall heights. Because of such reputation, it was not that easy to approach and examine TVXQ!.

It seems like they reduced their energy a little bit in 2014 but they are still cool with fantastic performance hidden within the agility that is unique to them. The detailed charm of U-Know and MAX from TVXQ! will be revealed through STAR CAST.

# We will proceed after looking at the profile


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U.S. Billboard: “TVXQ! 10th Anniversary Is Something To Be Celebrated Globally”

One of America’s notable music magazines, Billboard, has exclusively spotlighted the meaning of TVXQ!’s 10th anniversary debut and the band’s active role after the recent release of its 7th album ‘TENSE’.


On January 15, Billboard posted an article on K-TOWN, a K-Pop column on the site, titled ‘Happy 10th Anniversary, TVXQ! 10 Shining Moments in the K-Pop Icons’ Career’ and mentioned, “K-pop phenom TVXQ! celebrating a decade in the K-pop scene is cause for celebration not only in its native South Korea, but also around the world.”

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TVXQ! Tops The Korea-Taiwan Music Chart With ‘TENSE’ Album

TVXQ! tops the weekly music chart of Korea and Taiwan as 1st place with their 7th album ‘TENSE’.


‘TENSE’ which was released on January 6 gained 1st place in the weekly charts from January 6 till January 12 of various sites that record the number of albums sold including Hanteo Charts, HOTTRACKS, Synnara Records and many more. This achievement proved the power of TVXQ! once more.

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Star Cast With TVXQ! – “‘Something’ About ‘Something’ That TVXQ! Talks About” [EXCLUSIVE]


10 years since the debut, it is that 10 years in which the rivers and the mountains change. Among that time’ TVXQ!’ also changed. Wait, no, they transformed. The new album ‘TENSE’ is the result of it. ‘TENSE’ has the meaning of ‘Mind being sensitive’. It means an ever-nervous stage. There is one more meaning; it has the same pronunciation as ‘10th’, which represents 10 years.

The change of TVXQ!, it was so joyful. It could be seen in the title song ‘Something’. This song is a swing jazz genre in which TVXQ! tries for the first time. It is lively and joyful. It is at the opposite point from the previous music which was magnificent and powerful. In one word, it is public-friendly.

“Since it is the 10th year since the debut, we wished to show TVXQ!’s lively and joyous side that was not there originally. New music, our goal is to pursue several different kinds of genres and this time, we chose swing jazz. We had in our minds wanting to come closer in a way in which we can appeal more to the public. We could say that this is a gift we give to lots of fans.

Why would TVXQ! have chosen the song ‘Something’ as the album title song for 10th anniversary since their debut in New Year 2014? In regards to that, ‘Something’ was hidden inside. It is ‘Something’ about ‘Something’ that TVXQ! shares to the readers of ‘STARCAST’ themselves.

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Star Cast With TVXQ! – “Something About The Waiting Room” [EXCLUSIVE]

“Nobody will probably know?”…TVXQ!, ‘Something’ about the waiting room.


Hello. We are TVXQ!. Did you guys enjoy our comeback stage in New Year? From January 3rd to 5th, we have finished all of the performances on the ground wave music broadcast show of 3 broadcasting companies.

The title song ‘Something’ is a song in which TVXQ! tried the swing for the first time and ‘Ten’ was a song that celebrated the 10th anniversary of TVXQ!.

It has been a year and four months to go up on the stage in Korea with a name of TVXQ!. It was still exciting to see the stage in which we headed again to in such a long time. Because we have prepared with lots of efforts, there were also considerable amount of nervousness. I am guessing the fans were also thinking the same thing, right?

So, we have prepared. For people who still could not realize that we made a comeback, we will reveal the waiting room of the comeback broadcast. We hope you guys can ‘catch’ TVXQ!’s different kinds of charm that could not be seen on shows. U-Know and MAX will each be introducing, respectively.

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