Han Ji Min Clarifies Physical Affection With Park Yoochun Issue

On May 30, Han Ji Min was interviewed about her most recent drama, SBS ‘Rooftop Prince.’ She endlessly complimented JYJ’s Park Yoochun, saying “I almost felt bad that I had a stereotype against him for being a singer because he tried so hard.”

About the wedding scene, she said “In the script, it only said to cry twice. But both Yoochun and I got so carried away with our emotions that we shed every single tear drop we had in us. At first we didn’t know how to act the scene out but when we actually started filming we were able to feel it.”

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Lee Tae Sung Takes Advantage of Park Yoo Chun

Lee Tae Sung may love Park Yoo Chun, but that won′t stop him from taking advantage of him!

Park Yoo Chun tweeted the photo on May 30 along with the caption, “Tae Sung hyung and Min Soohyung~ We had a fun time~ Passed out Yoo Chun and mentally blank Yoo Chun~ Were we this kind of a relationship?”

The picture showed Park Yoo Chun sleeping soundly in his bed, with the two friends pulling strange faces on either side. Lee Tae Sung even posed so it looked like he was licking Park Yoo Chun′s face.

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Lee Tae Sung Comforts a Still Grieving Park Yoo Chun

Though they may play rivals in their SBS drama Rooftop Prince, the friendship between Lee Tae Sung and Park Yoo Chun in real life has been demonstrated once more.

On May 12, JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun, whose father passed away on March 14, tweeted, “I miss you. Like Crazy. Father…”

To his tweet, Lee Tae Sung responded, “You’re doing well now already and in the future you can become a son that won’t make your father embarrassed. You will meet him later. Don’t say those painful words. It’s something all of us have to experience but you experienced sooner. Let’s be strong. You’re a crown prince, remember?”

Lee Tae Sung went on to add, “Yoo Chun. Before being an actor, before being a public figure, you′re first and foremost a human. Everyone understands and everyone will understand. Let’s see each other while smiling tomorrow. Really.”

Netizens commented on the tweets saying, “You two looking after each other is heartwarming to see”, “Please be strong Park Yoo Chun” and “Lee Tae Sung has such deep thoughts.”

Photo courtesy of Lee Tae Sung’s Twitter

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