TVXQ! Gathers 1,000 Fans In First Asian Press Tour in Hong Kong

South Korean boyband TVXQ! completes their first Asian press tour after two years of hiatus.

TVXQ! ended their Hong Kong press conference with a great success and made a full stop on ‘TVXQ! ASIA PRESS TOUR’ that announced their restart of activities after two years of hiatus.

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TVXQ! ASIA PRESS TOUR in TOKYO: We Are The Happiest When Introducing Ourselves As TVXQ! [REPORT]

On August 21, 2017 (Monday), a press conference announcing the comeback of Tohoshinki was held at Roppongi Hills, Tokyo. We bring to you the photos of the duo taken first time in about 2 years.

The ‘ASIA PRESS TOUR’ that visited 3 cities, Seoul and Tokyo on August 21 and Hong Kong on August 22, is the first public event in two years by Yunho and Changmin as Tohoshinki.

At the start of a long-awaited comeback in Asia, a press tour in three different countries is held, namely in the hope of announcing the resumption of activities in various places in Asia and so on.

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TVXQ! To Roll Out New Comeback Album In Early 2018

South Korean boyband TVXQ! plans to release a new comeback album in the beginning of next year.

In a press conference held yesterday in The Shilla Seoul Hotel, band member Max Changmin said, “We are planning to release a new album in early next year. It is good to prepare it as soon as possible for our fans but we would rather present the album with a satisfying outcome.”

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JYJ’s Jaejoong Receives Warm Welcome From Fans In Thailand’s Press Conference

South Korean K-Pop singer Kim Jae Joong of JYJ received a warm welcome from Thai and international fans during yesterday’s press conference event.

On the afternoon of March 18, 2017, Kim Jae Joong returned to Thailand after two years and five months enlisting in the South Korean military service. The recently discharged Kim now holds a brand new concert tour as an effort to promote his second studio album NO.X. As Thailand was one of the announced stops in the Asian tour, IME Thailand organized a one-night only concert on the same day at Indoor Stadium Huamark. Tickets for the 5,000 seats were sold out in under three minutes.

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JYJ Attracts 200 Fans At Hong Kong Airport, Shocked At Fans Trespassing Into Restricted Areas

South Korean boy band, JYJ, will hold their Asia tour concert in Hong Kong tonight.


The last time they held a concert in Hong Kong was 4 years ago, which is why about 200 fans came to pick them up at the airport to their press conference yesterday. There were also fans who were crazy enough to trespass into the airport’s restricted areas just to see their idols. At the press conference, the three emphasized the enthusiasm of Hong Kong fans, and also mentioned that the stage in Hong Kong will allow less distance for fans to come in contact with them than the stage in Seoul.

The three JYJ members landed in Hong Kong yesterday. For the sake of ‘The Return Of The King’ stop media tonight, lots of fans prepared the “three treasures”, folding chairs, banners, and cameras to pick up their idols outside the secret passage at the airport. The number of fans, who filled up the whole airport arrival hall, was about 200 people. There were pictures of fans on Weibo that trespassed into restricted areas to take pictures of JYJ. The fans were believed to have followed JYJ from Korea to Hong Kong. JYJ mentioned these fans and their curiosity as to why they were in the restricted areas during the press conference.

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TVXQ!’s Yunho Shares His Thoughts About ‘Triangle’ Star Jaejoong In Acting

Actor and TVXQ! member, Jung Yunho, recently speaks about JYJ’s Jaejoong’s performance as an actor.

1406614453903 mbc_triangle

In the press conference that was held earlier today for the upcoming MBC Mondays-Tuesdays drama, Diary of A Night Watchman, the actor smiled when he was asked about his former band mate, Kim Jaejoong, who stars in the drama Triangle. “I got many questions like this a lot,” says Jung Yunho in the conference that was held in 63 Building, Seoul.

Jung Yunho revealed, “To be honest, I couldn’t watch Triangle in detail. I saw some episodes when I came back from overseas and it’s nice to see him [Kim Jaejoong] trying his best.” He continued, “I thank him that he will be a good influence to Diary of A Night Watchman.”

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JYJ Park Yoochun’s Lovesick With Youngduk Crabs?

Reported by TV Daily’s Gwon Jiyoung

JYJ Park Yoochun catches public attention with a promise on Youngduk crabs.


The press conference for MBC’s Wednesday to Thursday Drama “I Miss You” was carried out in MBC Yangju Culture Park in Gyunggido Yangju-si with the presence of Park Yoochun, Yun Eunhye and Yoo Seungho in the afternoon of December 17th.

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