The Top 5 Best Album Covers Of TVXQ! [EDITORIAL]

Album arts play a great deal in the music industry since the early years of the 20th Century. They mainly serve to increase album sales and physical albums are proven to continue to outsell digital downloads due to their attractive packaging. Album designs are now a space to showcase artistry regardless of the artists who are posing for the shots or the theme that it’s trying to convey.

We’ve picked our top 5 best album covers of TVXQ! photo shoots that they have released since 2003 in Korea and Japan, and our reasons telling you why.

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‘MIROTIC’ Cafe Now Under The Skies Of Canada

Canadian TVXQ! fans living in Southern Ontario now have something new to look forward to.


On Saturday, December 7, a new cafe in the greater Toronto area, Markham opened up with the name of ‘MIROTIC’. As many people would know, MIROTIC is the name of TVXQ!’s most presumably renowned song back in 2008. It came as a surprise that a new cafe would be opening up and sharing the same name as the band’s song but once the information sunk in, the excitement then began.

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The Story Behind: TVXQ! The 3rd Asia Tour Concert MIROTIC [EDITORIAL]


In early 2009, the five-member TVXQ! kicked off their third concert, TVXQ! The 3rd Asia Tour Concert MIROTIC to promote their successful MIROTIC album which was released a year before.

To start off, the official concert logo was revealed as three M letters forming part of the three sides of a cube. The letter M possibly refers to MIROTIC and the three letters of it could mean the third concert TVXQ! was holding in that era.


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