Fans Uproar Over The Censor Of JYJ’s Junsu’s Name In ‘Gag Concert’

KBS-2TV ‘Gag Concert’ has censored JYJ’s Junsu (XIA)’s name and his fans are protesting. The production team of the show revealed, “We are concerned about his stage name, so we only muted ‘XIA’.”


During the show that was broadcast on April 26, 2015, comedian Park Sung Ho appeared on stage and made comments through photos of Korean male stars.

Park Sung Ho said, “When male artists play soccer, Minho looks manly and XIA Junsu looks cool but Lee Duk Hwa is backdo backdo (T/N: A reference to being back one step on a board game)”. When “XIA” was mentioned in the show, it was censored. The pronunciation of “Junsu” also sounded unclear.

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f(x)’s Victoria Sends An ‘I Love You’ Text To TVXQ!’s Changmin

f(x)’s Victoria sent a special text message to TVXQ!’s Max Changmin.


During the recent shoot for KBS-2TV’s A Song For You, emcee Kangin suggested the f(x) members, who are known for their connections with other celebrities, to send text messages to their acquaintances.

Kangin said, “Let’s see how your acquaintances will react when you randomly text ‘I love you’ to them.” f(x) members Sung Jae and Amber, too, joyfully sent texts.

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