JYJ Prepares For A Second Fan Signing Event On September 29

JYJ will hold its second fan signing event to commemorate the release of its second studio album Just Us.


On the 24th, C-JeS Entertainment said, “JYJ will hold a second fan signing event to celebrate Just Us album at I’PARK Mall’s event stage in Yongsan at 7:00PM. We proceeded to host this event as the first round in last August had received a huge response. We are expecting a fierce competition as the first also.”

In JYJ’s and each member’s solo fan signing events, the competition rate has always been high and the venue would still be overcrowded with fans who weren’t even selected to enter. Especially, this event is expected to get hot response from domestic and overseas fans who missed out the first.

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JYJ’s Splendid Return To Hong Kong After 3 Years And Gathers 10,000 Fans

On August 16 at 8:15pm (local time) in Hong Kong’s AsiaWorld-Expo Arena, the ‘2014 JYJ Asia Tour Concert in Hong Kong – The Return Of The King’ was held. Hot weather above 30 degrees did not matter to the fans. Audience seats, where 10,000 fans had gathered, were filled with screaming to invite the ‘Kings’ whom they have been waiting for.


The fear that JYJ felt was greater than before. There were no broadcast activities even though they had released the 2nd studio album Just Us on 29th of last month, after the first album 3 years ago. Except for the showcase in Korea and the concert in Jamsil Main Stadium on August 9, there was no opportunity for foreign fans to meet the stage of the new album. Also, the three members recently have been acting as actors and not as JYJ. Kim Junsu, in musicals; Kim Jaejoong, in dramas; and Park Yoochun focused on a movie. Foreign fans could not have the chance to face new piece officially.

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JYJ ‘The Return Of The King’ Concert Stage in Seoul Is In The Works

JYJ’s comeback concert ‘The Return Of The King’ in Seoul is making progress and we get an exclusive peek on the grand stage!


A photo was uploaded on Instagram by Park Jun Myung on the night of August 5 and what it seems to be the concert crew was working around the clock ahead of this Saturday’s night show. Park, who is presumably one of the staff in the sound team, posted a view of the stage being constructed with the following caption that we have it translated:

#JYJ #잠실주경기장 #음향팀
#모기 많이뜯겨서 너무싫다
마치 #뮤즈 쥑이네 아주 멋있다!!!
어떤 소리가 나올지 #궁금궁금

#JYJ #JamsilMainStadium #SoundTeam
#Mosquito I’ve been bitten too much. Hate it
Like a #muse, it’s a killer, so cool!!!
Wonder what kind of sound will it turn out #CuriousCurious

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Reasons Why JYJ ‘The Return Of The King’ Concert In Seoul Will Be Different

JYJ is about to meet 40,000 fans in Seoul Olympic Main Stadium through the band’s first Asian tour concert.


JYJ will hold the ‘The Return Of The King’ tour in Seoul Olympic Main Stadium, or also known as the Jamsil Main Stadium, on August 9 and it will be their first concert since four years.

The show has a special meaning as it will be held in Seoul Olympic Main Stadium, where it is called a ‘dream stage’ by many artists. JYJ is scheduled to meet 40,000 fans through this solo concert in Seoul. Even though we still don’t know if they will appear on music shows, it is inspiring that there are many people waiting for their music and we can see the power of JYJ.

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JYJ’s New Album Receives A Record Of 120,000 Copies For Advanced Pre-Order!

JYJ’s managing company, C-JeS Entertainment, released the news that JYJ received a record of 120,000 copies of pre-order for their new album Just Us.


C-JeS Entertainment also expressed that, from the advanced pre-order which was one week before album release, all the way till after album release, strong responses from fans have put the Internet music distribution site on high ranking. This has also dominated online and shop front sales. Pre-sales pre-order alone has already amounted to 120,000 copies, and currently, it’s at a state where sales are still ongoing.

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Naver Music Special – JYJ 2nd Album ‘Just Us’ [EXCLUSIVE]


July’s Music Special
Second Studio Album As A Complete JYJ, Just Us
A Grand Opening Of Their Work On An Album To The Public!

Special │ JYJ Comeback As A Complete Unit After 3 Years!

JYJ makes a comeback with their second studio album, Just Us, after three years with In Heaven in 2011. Just Us consists of 13 songs, in which some are composed by other composers but written by members themselves, and an English song that they worked on while in the United States.

JYJ decided on the album title as ‘Just Us’ and said, “We wanted to put our natural selves instead of pressure or compulsion to produce a nice album from the fact that this is our album after a long time.” This album has diverse genres; from sentimental ballad to groovy rhythmical songs that JYJ wanted to put. It also includes a trendy title track, Back Seat and acapella-styled songs filled with JYJ’s own harmonies. Naver Music will reveal the album’s production note that has the present of JYJ.

Data provided by OGAM Entertainment │ Content: Naver Music

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JYJ ‘The Return Of The King’ Tour In Vietnam Ticket Site Crashes After 3 Minutes Of Sales

TicketBox suffered a system crash on July 28 as fans scrambled to book tickets for the highly-anticipated Vietnam concert of JYJ. TicketBox is the official ticket partner for the concert.


The ticketing agency started selling its first round of sales on the day at 8:00PM local time for JYJ’s first ever concert in Vietnam, which is scheduled for August 30. The agency offered a 15 percent discount for fans who purchase R and S zones early and a chance to win exclusive JYJ merchandise. At the same time, the sales for VIP zones took place and in just three minutes, the ticket site went down due to traffic overload.

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JYJ To Release New Song Produced By Chris Brown And Lonny Bereal

A song written by Chris Brown will be included in South Korean boy band, JYJ’s new album that will be released on July 29.

MT_1417163547 chris-brown

On July 24, C-JeS Entertainment revealed, “In JYJ’s second studio album Just Us, Valentine is a song written by a famous artist in the United States, Chris Brown.” They continued, “This song was recorded in the studio in LA last summer and it maximizes the vocalization of JYJ with catchy loop and sexy lyrics.”

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JYJ Announces Ticket Prices For ‘The Return Of The King’ Tour in Vietnam

UPDATE: New additional information and details for the show have been updated here.

After Vietnam was said to be one of the cities for the Asian tour, C-JeS Entertainment officially confirmed the ‘The Return of The King’ tour in Vietnam on July 6.


The organizer, TOV Communications, has been working in a full-scale to prepare the best concert stage of JYJ to meet international standards in terms of sound systems, lighting and stage set-up on par with JYJ’s shows in Seoul, Hong Kong and Beijing.

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The Vietnamese JYJ fans have showed a continuous support towards the concert, which will be held for the first time in this country, to welcome the JYJ members of Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu. After many surveys with local fans and discussing the price for the tickets with C-JeS Entertainment, the official ticket prices have been finally announced for the first round of online sales.

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JYJ Shares ‘Back Seat’ Music Video Teaser Ahead Of New Album Release

South Korean boy band, JYJ, revealed its first music video teaser of their lead song in their upcoming album, Just Us.


The band’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment said, “The music video teaser of the album’s title track, Back Seat was revealed to the public through online music sites and the official YouTube channel of JYJ.”

“JYJ has proved the majesty of a complete JYJ for their comeback after 3 years through a short 30-second teaser,” they continued. “As soon as that captivating video was disclosed, the fans all around the world showed explosive response and the interest towards the new album was doubled.”

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