What Makes JYJ’s Comeback Concert In Seoul Special [REPORT]

South Korean boy band JYJ held a solo concert since four years ago. The cheering fans who’ve been loving them for 10 years without a change was sufficient with a red wave and shouts as if Jamsil Main Stadium would blow up.


JYJ held their ‘2014 JYJ CONCERT in SEOUL ‘THE RETURN OF THE KING” on August 9 in the Seoul Olympic Main Stadium or also known as the Jamsil Main Stadium. The chilled air of the night became heated, and 30,000 fans who waited for them for a long time went wild as much as they wanted. The JYJ trio were temporarily busy with their own individual activities, but performed a full stage for over two hours without a break and granted an impression itself.

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JYJ ‘The Return Of The King’ Concert Stage in Seoul Is In The Works

JYJ’s comeback concert ‘The Return Of The King’ in Seoul is making progress and we get an exclusive peek on the grand stage!


A photo was uploaded on Instagram by Park Jun Myung on the night of August 5 and what it seems to be the concert crew was working around the clock ahead of this Saturday’s night show. Park, who is presumably one of the staff in the sound team, posted a view of the stage being constructed with the following caption that we have it translated:

#JYJ #잠실주경기장 #음향팀
#모기 많이뜯겨서 너무싫다
마치 #뮤즈 쥑이네 아주 멋있다!!!
어떤 소리가 나올지 #궁금궁금

#JYJ #JamsilMainStadium #SoundTeam
#Mosquito I’ve been bitten too much. Hate it
Like a #muse, it’s a killer, so cool!!!
Wonder what kind of sound will it turn out #CuriousCurious

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Reasons Why JYJ ‘The Return Of The King’ Concert In Seoul Will Be Different

JYJ is about to meet 40,000 fans in Seoul Olympic Main Stadium through the band’s first Asian tour concert.


JYJ will hold the ‘The Return Of The King’ tour in Seoul Olympic Main Stadium, or also known as the Jamsil Main Stadium, on August 9 and it will be their first concert since four years.

The show has a special meaning as it will be held in Seoul Olympic Main Stadium, where it is called a ‘dream stage’ by many artists. JYJ is scheduled to meet 40,000 fans through this solo concert in Seoul. Even though we still don’t know if they will appear on music shows, it is inspiring that there are many people waiting for their music and we can see the power of JYJ.

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