TVXQ! And TaeTiSeo To Join ‘2014 Oh Joon Sung K-Drama Concert’

TVXQ! and Girls’ Generation subgroup, TaeTiSeo, have confirmed to appear on ‘2014 Oh Joon Sung K-Drama Concert’.



The organizer of ‘2014 Oh Joon Sung K-Drama Concert’ revealed, “TVXQ! and TaeTiSeo have recently confirmed to appear following after EXO-K.” ‘2014 Oh Joon Sung K-Drama Concert’ is a new concept concert that emerges both Korean drama and K-Pop together.

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Webtoon ‘ENT.’ Manga Now Available in Malaysia

SM Entertainment’s popular manga, ENT., which was released as a webcomic in 2012, comes its way as a comic book version in Malaysia. ENT. was a collaborative project between SM Entertainment and Ylab and the webcomic gained popularity in Japan before releasing in series in Korean on Naver website.


Written by Park Mi-Sook and drawn by Kang Eun-Young, ENT. is translated to Bahasa Malaysia and will be distributed by local comic book publishing company, Gempak Starz this month.

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