JYJ’s Yoochun Resumes Official Activities And Will Head To Japan

South Korean boyband JYJ’s Park Yoochun will hold his first fan-meeting event with his Japanese fans in March after his military discharge.

According to JYJ Japan Official Website on January 30, Park will host the 2018 PARK YUCHUN FANMEETING & MINI CONCERT IN JAPAN ‘再会remember the memories’ from March 10 to 11, 2018 at main arena of the Musashino Forest Sports Plaza in Tokyo.

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Paradise City Meets With K-Pop Star Kim Jaejoong Ep. 2 – Fan Meeting Event

Paradise City meets with K-Pop star Kim Jaejoong! Kim Jaejoong’s fan meeting in Paradise City!

Paradise City Meets With K-Pop Star Kim Jaejoong!
Kim Jaejoong’s Fan Meeting in Paradise City

Paradise City has been attracting interest for its luxurious facilities and high-quality service, and we are planning various activities to reborn as the brand new center of Hallyu wave. For this, we appointed Kim Jaejoong, who has been leading the Hallyu wave, to be our public relations ambassador and it was the first step to reborn as a K-Style Destination by holding a fan meeting event with foreign fans. Let us get into the intense scene with Kim Jaejoong and 500 foreign fans.

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Paradise City Meets With K-Pop Star Kim Jaejoong Ep. 1 – Public Relations Ambassador Commission Ceremony [INTERVIEW]

Paradise City meets with K-Pop star Kim Jaejoong! Kim Jaejoong’s Public Relations Ambassador Commission Ceremony in Paradise City!

Paradise City
Meets With K-Pop Star Kim Jaejoong

Kim Jaejoong, who is loved by many worldwide centering in Asia, is appointed as a global public relations ambassador of Paradise City. Paradise City is the first complex resort in Northern Asia and we are developing various Hallyu wave content with a goal of creating a brand new K-Style Destination. On June 25, 2017, we held a Public Relations Ambassador Commission Ceremony for Kim jaejoong and a fan meeting event for foreign fans in Paradise City.

Paradise City will develop itself to be the next K-Style Destination and Hallyu star Kim Jaejoong has re-established their resolutions in the Public Relations Ambassador Commission Ceremony before the fan meeting. Kim expressed, “I was interested in Paradise City even before so my joy doubles as I become its public relations ambassador.” He mentioned Paradise City in the fan meeting after the commission ceremony and showed off his capability as a public relations ambassador. We have interviewed Kim Jaejoong as the new Paradise City’s public relations ambassador.

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500 Japanese Fans Participate In JYJ’s Jaejoong’s Paradise City Fan Meeting

500 Japanese tourists came to Korea to participate in South Korean boyband JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong’s recent fan meeting event.

Jeong Chang Su, the president of KTO, awarding a plaque of appreciation to Kim Jaejoong for his achievements in improving the relationship between South Korea and Japan, and contributing in promoting tourism in Korea. Photo: Korea Tourism Organization.

The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) reveals that JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong has gathered over 500 Japanese fans during his fan meeting event which was held in the Grand Ballroom of Paradise City in Incheon, Yeongjong-do on June 25, 2017. The Korean in-bound tourism market, however, has declined due to the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) issues and threats from North Korea.

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JYJ’s Jaejoong Holds First Fan Signing Event After Military Discharge

South Korean boyband JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong had a special year end with over 2,000 of his fans.


Kim hosted his first fan signing event at Seoul’s COEX Live Plaza on December 31, 2016 after he was discharged from South Korea’s military service a day before. He organized the event for his fans who had waited for him for a year and nine months while he was in the military.

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JYJ Opens ‘2015 JYJ Membership Week’ With A Photo Exhibition

JYJ’s fan exhibition continues its fourth installment this year.


On August 18, 2015, C-JeS Entertainment revealed, “On the 17th, ‘2015 JYJ Membership Week’ photo exhibition is opened in Seoul Art Center in Jongno-gu, Seoul. This exhibition includes photos that capture the history from when JYJ was born to the present time. Fans can see previously unreleased photos in this exhibition that continues to gather explosive reactions from local and foreign fans.”

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What You Need To Know About ‘2015 JYJ Membership Week’

South Korean boyband JYJ’s fourth annual exhibition ‘2015 JYJ Membership Week’ will take place starting tomorrow at the Seoul Museum for 14 days in total. This year’s fan festival will progress with two parts separately: a photo exhibition and a fan meeting event. C-JeS Entertainment has set a few reminders ahead of tomorrow’s expo for fans to take note.


All About Cassiopeia got the announcement translated and it reads:

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JYJ Prepares For A Second Fan Signing Event On September 29

JYJ will hold its second fan signing event to commemorate the release of its second studio album Just Us.


On the 24th, C-JeS Entertainment said, “JYJ will hold a second fan signing event to celebrate Just Us album at I’PARK Mall’s event stage in Yongsan at 7:00PM. We proceeded to host this event as the first round in last August had received a huge response. We are expecting a fierce competition as the first also.”

In JYJ’s and each member’s solo fan signing events, the competition rate has always been high and the venue would still be overcrowded with fans who weren’t even selected to enter. Especially, this event is expected to get hot response from domestic and overseas fans who missed out the first.

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Things To Know About ‘2014 JYJ Membership Week’

The third annual JYJ fan exhibition, ‘2014 JYJ Membership Week’, is just three days away and while C-JeS Entertainment promises to give a best festival to all attendees, they certainly have not missed out some reminders for the fans to take note while spending their time in the expo.


All About Cassiopeia got the announcement translated and it reads:

JYJ Membership Week will progress with two parts separately: ‘Exhibition’ and ‘Fan meeting & showcase’.
If you are a regular member of C-JeS Membership, you can use all services except fan meeting (only for members with winning entries) for free. We will inform you about the admission procedure and visiting hours in detail.

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TVXQ!’s Changmin To Hold Solo Fan Meeting In Japan

TVXQ!’s Max Changmin will hold a solo event in Japan. The idol will attend the event that will be held in commemoration of the complete edition of Mimi DVD release in which he starred as the main character. This event will be held twice on September 2 in Shibuya Public Hall.


Only winners of applicants among fan club members can purchase this DVD. The two events are expected to draw a total of 2,000 people. Since Changmin has a high popularity in Japan, a furious competition is expected.

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