JYJ’s Jaejoong Responds To TVXQ!’s Yunho’s ‘It Is Nice To See Him Trying His Best’ Message

Actor and singer JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong sent a warm support to his former band mate, TVXQ!’s Jung Yunho.


During an interview with Star Today Korea in a cafe in Shinsa-dong, Seoul, Kim showed his support towards Jung, who will be playing in a follow-up drama of Triangle. Jung will appear in the all-new MBC Mondays-Tuesdays drama Diary Of A Night Watchman and it will first broadcast on August 4.

Following Jung’s message for Kim during the press conference for Diary Of A Night Watchman two days ago, Kim, in return, responded warmly.

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TVXQ!’s Yunho Shares His Thoughts About ‘Triangle’ Star Jaejoong In Acting

Actor and TVXQ! member, Jung Yunho, recently speaks about JYJ’s Jaejoong’s performance as an actor.

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In the press conference that was held earlier today for the upcoming MBC Mondays-Tuesdays drama, Diary of A Night Watchman, the actor smiled when he was asked about his former band mate, Kim Jaejoong, who stars in the drama Triangle. “I got many questions like this a lot,” says Jung Yunho in the conference that was held in 63 Building, Seoul.

Jung Yunho revealed, “To be honest, I couldn’t watch Triangle in detail. I saw some episodes when I came back from overseas and it’s nice to see him [Kim Jaejoong] trying his best.” He continued, “I thank him that he will be a good influence to Diary of A Night Watchman.”

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TVXQ!’s Yunho Talks About His Character In New Drama ‘Diary Of A Night Watchman’

TVXQ! member and actor Jung Yunho is burning with motivation and desire in his first historical drama.


Jung Yunho plays as a martial official and the best swordsman in Chosun, Mu Suk, in MBC’s all new TV series, Diary of a Night Watchman.

In the drama, Mu Suk guards Prince Lee Lin (starring Jeong Il Woo), the legal prince of the queen and king, but also rivals with him for a love relationship with Do Ha (starring Go Sung Hee). The prince is nicknamed as the ‘Ice Handsome Man’ for his popularity among women. However, the prince does not show his attention towards them and keeps his cold smile.

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