TVXQ! To Reunite With Fans In Special Welcome Back Party

South Korean boyband TVXQ! is scheduled to host a special reunion party with their fans in commemoration with the release of the new New Chapter #1 : The Chance if Love album.

TVXQ!, who is making a comeback with this new 8th studio album, will host ‘TVXQ! Welcome Back Party : The Chance of Love’ on March 28, 2018 in Seoul Blue Square I’Market Hall. The event is set to be streamed live via Naver V LIVE and SMTOWN channel.

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Always Keep The Faith: #11 Kiss The Baby Sky [EDITORIAL]


You know who I’m talking about. 😉

Park YuCheon, you cutie man.
This man is full of emotions, I love him for his passion for things he does.
Surprisingly he’s the last to enter my heart.

He is just like the other members, responsible for the ovaries explosions of the fans all over the world.
What really caught me was his smile. None of the members of DB5K, I repeat, NONE of the members can smile like him. I know every member is different, but he emits the warmest glow I’ve ever seen on somebody’s face.
I don’t know about other people, but I prefer smiles with teeth seen. He should win an award just by smiling!


You see this bright smile? It’s the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen on a man. I hope all the guys would stop acting cool and just let go of their heart and SMILE LIKE HIM!
The eyes the cheeks the teeth everything seems to look extra fine when he’s smiling.

When he smiles, in the pictures at least, it brightens up the whole picture, and making me feel like everyone in the picture is happy.

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Always Keep the Faith: #10 Holding Back the Tears [EDITORIAL]

My first few variety shows of TVXQ (I can’t remember which one comes first because I watched them all around the same time back in 2006/7) are Banjun Theatre, X-man and Happy Together. These are also my first ever Korean variety shows and honestly, I didn’t really understand them, yes I watched them with subtitles.

The one which I love the most was the tongue twister session from Banjun Theatre. I repeated the same clip over and over again because I’ve never seen them doing such things.
Not to forget The King’s Man parody from Banjun. 😀 When Jaejoong had to wear a hanbok as the queen and tripped the king. When Changmin had to blow off the candles with only one side of the nostrils. When Junsu had to keep on changing his clothes because of the NGs.. XD

After these older variety shows, I started to watch A LOT of their MVs, repeating countless times. I even had to watch them before I sleep! And around their Balloons era, I’ve only come to know about All About DBSK 2 and then 1. Watched them all, LOVE THEM ALL. Too bad I still couldn’t get to watch the third one 😦
I love the Bonjour Paris the most. The duration of the clip is SO long yet I still managed to watch it soo many times. It’s because I love seeing them having fun together, and it feels like I’m also having a vacation with them!

Then it proceeds to their OWN variety show. Their Q&A session with Junsu’s Eukyangkyang, and the cooking competition.. Oh my god the memories i__i

Nowadays when I re-watch their shows, I could understand much better than last time. I guess the effort I put into Korean language totally worth it. I could understand the jokes, the stuff they’re describing (because sometimes the subs aren’t 100% correct, forgive the subbers, they are human too!), not to forget, the feeling of understanding the emotions they expressed. :’)

I didn’t wanna forget the happy moments we all had together..

Now I’ll let you enjoy the pictures 😀

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Park Yoochun Fans Celebrates 6002 Day in Cebu 2013

Over the past week, Cassiopeia in Cebu, Philippines have gathered on June 15, 2013 for the late celebration of Park Yoochun’s birthday which was on last June 4, 2013. They organized a charity event under the name ‘6002 Day in Cebu 2013‘ for the children housed in Missionaries of Charity. Missionaries of Charity is a small orphanage which houses sick children who were either abandoned or were personally taken there by their parents in the orphanage.

main poster

There were also those who couldn’t make it to the event also sent some donations for the volunteers. There were donations from all over the Philippines and Cassiopeia in Cebu would like to organize similar events in the future.

Check out the rest of the memorable photos of the celebration after the jump!

The children enjoying their lunch together with their Yoochun Birthday hat!

The children enjoying their lunch together with their Yoochun Birthday hat!

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Always Keep the Faith: #9 You’re My Melody [EDITORIAL]

Here’s a little review on a song. 🙂

Whenever it comes to Cassiopeia, there will never be a very sure answer for their favorite song of DB5K.
The most answers I get are Mirotic, Bolero, Why Did I Fall in Love with You? or Love In The Ice.

All of the mentioned ones are my in my favorite list. But I think there is one song other Cassiopeia seldom mention about. ‘You’re My Melody‘.
I LOVE that song! When I started to really listen to Mirotic album, I thought this song was really good! It doesn’t matter if I’m having a good/bad mood, the song just suits my feeling incredibly well. ❤
Although the lyric is as though they are singing to ‘someone else’, but I feel like it is a conversation between Cassiopeia and DB5K.

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Always Keep the Faith: #8 時ヲ止メテ Please Stop Time [EDITORIAL]

Last night I was busy doing screencaps with Jaejoong’s MINE MV, so I slept kinda late. Today my friends asked me why did I sleep so late since I have an 8am class this morning. I answered them, they ended up giving me a “look” for a second. I guess people who aren’t fangirls of any idols won’t understand this feeling.

Since they knew that I’m one of the admins in All About Cassiopeia (although they don’t know what this page is really about lol), they asked me how many likes are there for the page, how many likes for a post… It really depends, I told them.

“What do you get/benefit if you receive so many likes?”, they asked. I haven’t really thought about it before.
I guess it matters a lot to me. DB5K isn’t young anymore, they’re going to step into their 30’s. As for the number of fans, I guess it decreased due to the incident. Even though there are new fans coming in to support JaeChunSu and HoMin, they’re unlikely to support all five (this is my opinion, strictly speaking from my OWN point of view). Whenever I see the likes increasing for a five-member picture, there’s this warm fuzzy feeling ❤. It made me believe that many Cassiopeias are still keeping the faith. It’s like having close friends even though I don’t know the Cassiopeias from the internet.

I hope it’s not only me who thinks so, there was this sudden change of emotions, atmosphere and the feelings of all kinds of photos after the incident. Maybe I’m being sad or I don’t know what were HoMin told to do, they no longer smile. Their facial expression told me that they aren’t happy, at least not as happy as before.


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Always Keep the Faith: #7 Checkmate [EDITORIAL]


Yunho, I respect him. I liked him, I loved him, now I respect him.

I know in everyone’s opinion, the title of “The Best Leader” is different. But to me, the best leader will always be Yunho.

The first group I’ve ever known, was DB5K, and of course the first leader was Yunho as well. Coincidentally he was my love at first sight in DB5K. hehe.

Whenever I come across his pictures I will always have this rush of respect. It’s weird to have a sudden urge to respect someone. But it just seems to happen on me! No matter how tired he is, how has his stache been scattered around his lips, he would be covering all up with his classy sunnies. I love his normal / no makeup / mustach-y look with some cool expensive-looking sunnies.


see what I mean?! This is how a real king looks like!

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Always Keep the Faith: #5 Picture of You [EDITORIAL]

Did you quit being a Cassiopeia? Or choose either one side? Or remain as an all-five Cassie?

After the incident, I still support all five of them, whether individually, or as JaeChunSu and Homin.
I remember when they were still singing together, I never really had this determined thought about loving them as five. I was kind of biased, definitely not to the extent of dislike. I really loved their songs, dance, MVs and watching the variety shows they appeared on. Then time passes after the split, I have never found myself being so sure about the feelings for the boys.

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Always Keep the Faith: #4 Secret Game [EDITORIAL]

Finally the lawsuit between JYJ and SM Entertainment has come to an end.
Honestly, I’m having mixed feelings for this. I feel so happy that this problem is finally solved! At the same time, no, JYJ has nothing to do with TVXQ anymore. Technically this is the way of saying it, but deep down in my heart, JaeChunSu are still of TVXQ.

I remember when the split was happening, I wasn’t that sad. Because all these years I’ve been supporting them and showing love to them, I told myself that it doesn’t matter when, but they will split up one day. It really happened. Didn’t know that this day would arrive so soon.. Somehow I blamed myself for thinking that way as if I jinxed it.

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