Always Keep the Faith: #1 The Beginning [EDITORIAL]

I often ask this to myself, and my answer would always be “I will not let myself forget. Even if it’s the end of the world, I must not forget what adventure I shared with DB5K. I can’t seem to find a reason to forget about them.”

DB5K has been my best companion for my whole high school life.
I still remember the day when they were coming to Malaysia for their first Asia Tour. Well no, I didn’t attend the concert, in fact, I didn’t know who they were. Before the concert, there was one night when I was alone watching TV and I saw Rising Sun’s music video came up right in front of my eyes. But wait, it’s not just another TV ad! So I paid attention to it. I thought, “Why do people like Koreans? Since a lot of people like Koreans, maybe I will be affected too? (that time was when the Korean dramas started to sprout in Malaysia)”


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