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This year in 2014, the All About Cassiopeia team will be recruiting talented and dedicated fans to fill in some available positions in light to grow our community and gain more readers. If you are someone who have good communicating skills, can work independently, and has a strong team spirit, then you are what we looking for!


Send us a concise résumé with your past working experience and translation work, if there is any. Also, you are required to submit an essay, which is about one to two paragraphs, stating how you get to know All About Cassiopeia and why should you be a part of the team.

We would appreciate if you could include your availability to perform your duties and assignments in Korea Stardard Time (KST).


We are looking for trending and current news topic writers and someone who can cover live local events. Writers must have a broad knowledge about the artists’ activities and are frequently exposed to those current issues.

Submit an excerpt of your writing that you may have done in the past. We are particular with your writing capabilities and creativity while presenting your news topics. Grammar and spelling are taken into consideration.

Your task is to translate information and news provided from various sources, mainly the official websites or social networks. These writers must be able to read and translate Korean to English; or Japanese to English. Your translation will be reviewed for credibility and proofread by our Translation Editors.

Your ability to re-write your translated articles is a major plus.

Submit one of your past works in both original Korean/Japanese script and the translated English script.

If you travel widely to many places, where there are establishments run or owned by the artists, or places that is related with them, your task is to review and write what you see, hear, touch, taste and smell, and the overall experience. Travellers would need to be familiarized with the location of your visit and get to know the directions to arrive at your destination.

Please submit an article of your review about your recent visit with attached photographs taken by yourself.

We require passionate music reviewers to review and express your thoughts and critics of new song releases from albums or from latest music videos. Korean language fluency is not necessary for this position but writing flow is still important.

Interested applicants should provide us a comprehensive review of either an album or music video that was released recently.

You will need to design or illustrate posters, banners, web headers, Facebook timeline covers and other important artworks. We are going to assess your level of expertise, professionalism and great sense of creativity in delivering your work. If you are currently pursuing graphic designing course, we look forward to your works.

Send in a few attachments of your previous works that are either related or not related to the fandom, including one semi-typography-based artwork.

We are seeking local representatives to help in covering events besides interviewing fans and taking photographs. These representatives must have a broad range of experience and are active in attending various events relating to the fandom.

Right now, we are interested in fans mainly residing in Asia. If you live outside of Asia, kindly mention your current place of stay while applying for this position.

Send in an article of you covering a past event that was held in your country with attached photographs taken from the event by yourself.


Works submitted while working with us will all be properly credited to the original owner and set under All About Cassiopeia. Please be informed that all positions are unpaid but other benefits are available.

To apply, please send us an email of your profile and assignment to including which position you are applying for. We will contact you for your applied positions at a later date as we review all details. For further inquiries, reach us through the contact sheet here.

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