TVXQ! CONCERT – CIRCLE – #welcome was the sixth international concert tour of TVXQ!. The tour was organized to support the band’s sixth studio album, New Chapter #1: The Chance of Love and was their first headlining tour after the band members completed their South Korea’s military service. The concert tour was set three years after the TVXQ! SPECIAL LIVE TOUR -T1ST0RY- and commenced with two shows in Seoul in May 2018.

The concert title “Circle” signifies the path TVXQ! had taken to stand before their fans to return to where they were after completing their military service. The theme of the live tour was a welcoming party taking place at a luxurious mansion and every set piece, lighting selections, costumes, moving stages and fireworks displays were set up to stimulate the show. The concert concept was very much influenced by Leonardo DiCaprio’s The Great Gatsby.

1. Background and Development
2. Promotion
3. Broadcasts and Recording
4. Reception
5. Concert Set List
6. Concert Goods
7. Tour Dates
8. Tour Personnel
9. Gallery

Background and Development

Itinerary & Ticketing

The concerts in Seoul were first announced March 27, 2018 by S.M. Entertainment, just one day before the release of New Chapter #1: The Chance of Love album. YES24 was the ticketing agency for the shows in Seoul and the sales took place on April 4, 2018.

The concert organizer for the Hong Kong show, G Music, announced the show’s concert date on May 30, 2018. The Hong Kong concert was held five years and six months after the Catch Me tour in January 2013. Bangkok was added in the tour’s itinerary and was revealed by local concert organizer, 4NOLOGUE, on July 13, 2018.

Tour Production & Development

TVXQ! performing “왜(Keep Your Head Down)” in Seoul. Photo: S.M. Entertainment.

For two days starting on August 22, 2017, TVXQ! held their TVXQ! ASIA PRESS TOUR to announce their restart of activities after two years of hiatus, starting with Seoul and Tokyo on the first day before continuing onto Hong Kong on the second. The band held a special concert TVXQ! Special Comeback Live ‘YouR PresenT’ where they united with their fans in Seoul from September 30 to October 1, 2017 and in Macau on October 15, 2017. The duo then hosted a special reunion party dubbed the TVXQ! Welcome Back Party: The Chance of Love on March 28, 2018 in Seoul Blue Square I’Market Hall in commemoration with the release of the New Chapter #1: The Chance of Love album. At the party, TVXQ! showcased their title song “The Chance of Love” for the very first time.

TVXQ! performed songs from their latest New Chapter #1: The Chance of Love album, along with some of their biggest hits including rearranged versions of “The Way U Are”, “Rising Sun”, “주문(MIROTIC)”, “왜?(Keep Your Head Down)” and “수리수리(Spellbound)”. The show lasted for about three hours.

Show Overview

28 songs were performed in each show. For the solo performances, Shim performed “Closer” from the New Chapter #1: The Chance of Love album while Jung did “퍼즐(Puzzle)”. The setlist also included their classical tracks from their past studio albums including “믿어요”, “Hug”, “풍선(Balloons)” and “Hi Ya Ya 여름날”.


The first monochrome teaser concert poster was released on March 27, 2018 alongside the announcement of the shows in Seoul while the official poster was unveiled on April 21, 2018.

CIRCLE #welcome’s first press conference was held in Jamsil Supplementary Stadium on May 5, 2018 before the start of the show.

Broadcasts and Recording

The 20-minute press conference in Hong Kong was broadcast live on July 7, 2018 before the start of the show.

The Seoul live concert is being screened at SMTOWN@coexartium which runs starting from September 21, 2018, presented with a surround viewing technology, which allows three-screen viewing experience enveloping the audience. The September 21 premiere of the surround viewing show was presented with free concert light sticks exclusively for the audience.


TVXQ! performing “믿어요” in Hong Kong. Photo: S.M. Entertainment.

On the first day of the concert in Seoul, labelmates BoA, SHINee and NCT, Jung’s former military bandmates from the 26th division, Jung’s Meloholic TV series cast members, and both families of TVXQ! members were seen at the venue to catch the show.

S.M. Entertainment management’s Lee Soo Man, Kim Young Min and Nam So Young, labelmates Girls’ Generation, Super Junior and Red Velvet, SS501’s Heo Young Saeng, boyband ROMEO, Lee Seung Gi and Beige attended the second show.

In Hong Kong, local media attended that day’s press conference prior to the concert including the largest broadcasting stations TVB and VIU TV, daily newspapers Apple Daily, Oriental Daily News and Ming Pao, and online media 香港01(HK01), OK POP and CHEER POP’.

Concert Set List

This set list is representative of the performance in Seoul.

● Bounce
● Something
● 너는 내꺼(Top Of The World)
Opening Ment
● The Way U Are
● 평행선(Love Line)
● Sun & Rain
VCR #2
● 퍼즐(Puzzle)_Yunho Solo
● 운명(The Chance Of Love)
● 수리수리(Spellbound)
● 다 지나간다(Broken)
● 이것만은 알고 가 (Before U Go)
● 게으름뱅이(Lazybones)
● 믿어요
● 새벽 공기(Without You)
VCR #3
● Closer_Changmin Solo
● 현기증(Vertigo)
VCR #4
● Wake Me Up
● Hug (포옹)
● 풍선(Balloons)
● 꿈(Dream)
VCR #5
● B.U.T. (BE-AU-TY)_Korean Ver.
● 왜(Keep Your Head Down)
● Rising Sun (순수)
● Hi Ya Ya 여름날
● Somebody To Love_Korean Ver.
Closing Ment
● 넌 나의 노래(You’re My Melody)

Additional Notes

  • “꿈(Dream)” was removed from the set list in Hong Kong.

Concert Goods

Seoul concert goods. Photo: S.M. Entertainment.

Even though not part of the official concert goods, S.M. Culture & Contents Global Package presented exclusive limited edition souvenirs for its premium package holders in Seoul. These include two variant TVXQ! concert posters, a message card by TVXQ!, a magnet board and stand, two sticker sets, a stationary set containing 12-piece colored pencils, a ballpoint pen and a memo pad, a lunch bag and a lanyard.

The list of official goods for the Seoul concert was revealed on April 27, 2018 through TVXQ!’s official website. The sales of the merchandise on the first and second day concert in Seoul began at 10:00AM and ended at 6:00PM Korean local time. All merchandise were showcased and contained in a large display box outside the stadium.

The list of goods for the Seoul tour were not fully available for shows in the overseas and some merchandise were removed or added depending on the demand of each country visited.

This list is representative of the sales in Seoul.

1. Official Fanlight – KRW 35,000
2. Fanlight Pouch – KRW 15,000
3. Scotch Name Tag – KRW 13,000
4. Coach Jacket – KRW 79,000
5. T-Shirt (U-Know / MAX) – KRW 35,000
6. Ball Cap – KRW 35,000
7. Tote Bag – KRW 58,000
8. Bandana & Ring Set – KRW 35,000
9. Cold Cup – KRW 25,000
10. Acrylic Charm Set – KRW 12,000
11. Postcard Book – KRW 10,000
12. Bromide – KRW 10,000
13. Big Sticker Set – KRW 10,000
14. Lenticular Fan (U-Know / MAX) – KRW 6,000
15. Ticket Holder & Photo Card Set (U-Know / MAX) – KRW 25,000
16. Card Wallet & Photo Card Set (U-Know / MAX) – KRW 25,000
17. Stamp Set (U-Know / MAX) – KRW 17,000
18. Badge (Type A) – KRW 9,000 / (Type B / C / D) – KRW 8,000
19. Bracelet – KRW 25,000
20. Earring– KRW 19,000
21. Note Cover Set (U-Know / MAX) – KRW 15,000
22. Desk Mat & Photo Kit (U-Know / MAX) – KRW 20,000
23. Album Pouch – KRW 30,000
24. Layered Film Set (iPhone 6 / 6s / 7 / 8) (U-Know / MAX) – KRW 5,000
25. Starpop AR Card (TVXQ! / U-Know / MAX) – KRW 13,000

This table is representative of the sales in Hong Kong and Bangkok.

Hong Kong Bangkok
1. Note Cover Set (U-Know / MAX) – HKD 160
2. Album Pouch – HKD 280
3. Desk Mat & Photo Kit (U-Know / MAX) – HKD 200
4. Official Fanlight – HKD 330
5. Acrylic Charm – HKD 120
6. Postcard Book – HKD 100
7. Poster (U-Know / MAX) – HKD 100
8. Big Sticker Set – HKD 100
9. Badge (Type A / B) – HKD 100
10. Stamp Set (U-Know / MAX) – HKD 160
11. Ticket Holder & Photo Card Set (U-Know / MAX) – HKD 260
12. Card Wallet & Photo Card Set (U-Know / MAX) – HKD 260
13. Jacket – HKD 760
14. Tote Bag – HKD 580
15. Cold Cup – HKD 260
1. Official Fanlight – THB 1490
2. Fanlight Pouch – THB 590
3. Coach Jacket – THB 2890
4. Cold Cup – THB 990
5. Postcard Book – THB 390
6. Big Sticker Set – THB 390
7. Ticket Holder & Photo Card Set (U-Know / MAX) – THB 950
8. Stamp Set (U-Know / MAX) – THB 690
9. Note Cover Set (U-Know / MAX) – THB 590
10. Handy Fan – THB 850

Tour Dates

List of concerts, showing date, country, city, venue, showtime and attendance.

Date Country City Venue Time Attendance
May 5, 2018 (Saturday) South Korea Seoul Jamsil Supplementary Stadium 07:00 PM 22,000
May 6, 2018 (Sunday)
July 7, 2018 (Saturday) Hong Kong Hong Kong AsiaWorld-Expo Arena 07:00 PM 8,000
August 17, 2018 (Friday) Thailand Bangkok Impact Arean Muang Thong Thani 07:00 PM 8,000
TOTAL 38,000


Concert Posters

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