TVXQ! Prepares Thank You Messages To Members And Fans For ‘Your Present’ Fan Meeting

[ YouR PresenT – From. U-Know ① ]

I feel a bit shy to write a letter to you. I’m not so good at writing but it is a new feeling to get to read a letter on stage. ^^* Um~ For 14 years, no, we’ve known each other for 16 years since when we were trainees? I feel like it was yesterday when I saw you as a high school student. Time goes by really fast. Changmin was delicate and innocent when I first saw you, but I bet there was a lot of incidents for that long time when you were dishearten because of me, when you struggled a lot and when you felt like crying. Thank you for always understanding me and standing by my side! To be honest, it is not an easy thing to push forward towards the same direction as the two of us have different styles and personalities, but because it was you, Changmin, and because I was with you, there have been more joyful things than hard things. We argue sometimes, but I think working in perseverance and with passion in your own style is the true side of you. We share that in common and that shone brightly in our hard times! I am, also of a masculine personality, so I feel shy to express my feelings but in many times I gained a heart from seeing your hard work. I’m also human, so I was exhausted many times but I gained strength because I was not alone and I was with you. ^0^* We ended our long hiatus and stood on the stage in 2010’s SMTOWN. There was no other time I felt that scared and tensed, but I also felt we can walk on a new path as the two of us, holding your hand.

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JYJ Chit-Chats And Cracks Jokes In Latest ‘From JYJ’ Clip

JYJ is back with a new interview session under their segment called From JYJ, and talks about their latest activities while cracking jokes.


From JYJ is a segment where the three JYJ members sit down and chit-chat for a few minutes on things happening around them regardless as an individual or a group. The segment started back in 2010 and the members also often greet their fans in special events such as on Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and New Year’s Day.

The latest From JYJ clip talks about the band’s newest album, Just Us, Junsu’s musical Dracula, Jaejoong’s drama series Triangle, and Yoochun’s film Sea Fog.

All About Cassiopeia got the interview transcribed and translated below.

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C-JeS Entertainment Reveals The Truth of 2014 Incheon Asian Games


JYJ was appointed as the official honorary ambassador of the Incheon Asian Games (IAG) in February 2013.

Incheon Asian Games Organizing Committee in the recent press conference said, “We appoint JYJ, who are popular in each local places of Asia, to spread awareness on the spur of the Asian Games and overseas PR to all regions in Asia.”

In the process of discussing the roles of JYJ as the honorary ambassador, we, C-JeS Entertainment, made a written contract with the PR marketing agency of Incheon Asian Games Organizing Committee. The contents include an agreement with JYJ on domestic and overseas events on the Asian Games, and the consideration of JYJ being the first in casting K-Pop stars and Korean artists in both opening and closing ceremonies of IAG and press conferences with overseas media. The officials of the Incheon Asian Games Organizing Committee and PR spokesmen eventually agreed to appoint JYJ as their honorary ambassador and for a finale performance at that time.

Afterwards, JYJ released Only One, the official theme song of the Asian Games, filmed music videos, and recently did a commercial film with no guarantees. They actively participated in events to publicize IAG. They also attended showcases in Hanoi, Vietnam in last October and Guangzhou, China in November to publicize IAG in Asia. We have decided to attend the event that was scheduled in November but it was cancelled due to the natural disaster that took place in the Philippines.

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JYJ Announces ‘JYJ CONCERT IN TOKYO DOME 2013′ DVD Release

Official page for Japan domestic record, limited release of 65,000 copies of DVD.
150,000 seats SOLD OUT for all 3 days!

The Return of The JYJ
The unforgettable concert is finally packaged!

The return of the king.
April 2013, along with the dancing petals of Sakura, the long-awaited JYJ has returned to Tokyo Dome.
For a period of 3 days, from 23rd April 2013, JYJ held a glamorous Tokyo Dome concert ‘THE RETURN OF THE JYJ’.

The approximate 3 hours stage, packed with 26 songs, began with an impressive opening reflecting the image of a spring clock. The strong bond between the artists and fans could be felt, and it was a performance that one wouldn’t be able to take their eyes off, with the members’ individual charm and JYJ’s charm as a whole.

JYJ greeted excited audience with the grand scale stage opening of Mission with 16 main dancers and 40 additional dancers, and two other songs Ayyy Girl and Be The One from the worldwide album The Beginning. Further, after a refined solo stage of each individual member, JYJ showcased their great coordinated performance through IN HEAVEN.

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‘THE JYJ’ Magazine Released As Individual Pictorials In Japan And Korea + Details

The third volume ‘The JYJ’ has been released as individual magazines.


On February 4, C-JeS Entertainment stated, “We will unveil the cover of the magazine, that was scheduled to be released on February, to the public. In these individual versions of magazines, Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, and Kim Junsu put their true selves and their thoughts on the pictures through the collaboration with photographers.”

They continued, “These individual magazines will be released both in Japan and Korea. After the first pre-order ended, we were flooded with inquiries about this magazine, and that we will open the second pre-order today. Each magazine is in form of photo pictorial, made of about 130 pages, and the JYJ members have worked together with photographers Jo Seonhui, Mok Najeong and Kim Yeongjun.”

‘The JYJ’ is a very special interview magazine of JYJ and has gained popularity by releasing ‘First Issue Edition’ which contains exclusive interviews with JYJ members that took over 25 hours with frank answers, and ‘Summer Special Edition’ which contains pictorials in the theme of friends, friendship and interviews.

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Something of TVXQ! [INFOGRAPHIC]

The one who became the 1st place in all music broadcast shows last week was TVXQ!, who returned with Something, which makes to move the body along with the swing jazz melody. Since the debut, TVXQ! has been always maintaining its top place for 10 years until now, just like their tall heights. Because of such reputation, it was not that easy to approach and examine TVXQ!.

It seems like they reduced their energy a little bit in 2014 but they are still cool with fantastic performance hidden within the agility that is unique to them. The detailed charm of U-Know and MAX from TVXQ! will be revealed through STAR CAST.

# We will proceed after looking at the profile


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JYJ Jaejoong Announces New Repackage Album “Erase Makeup” + Details

Kim Jaejoong, who exhibited images of various types through his first solo rock album in October last year, came out again with emotional ballad. Kim shows his versatility as an artiste through writing 10 out of 13 songs in the album.


In this repackage album, 2 more new songs will be added and more love stories will be shared.

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JYJ’s Jaejoong Reviews Songs from His ‘WWW :: Who When Why’ Album

With his return with a first full-length album entitled, WWW :: Who When Why, JYJ’s Jaejoong has managed to top the iTunes and domestic charts with songs of different genres. Amidst his return to the music industry, Naver Music recently published a special article featuring the story behind his album production and also his reviews on each 13 tracks from the album.

Without further ado, check out Jaejoong’s album description after the jump!


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2013 JYJ CONCERT in TOKYO DOME Official Goods Revealed!

After four years since their last concert performance of Thanksgiving Live in Dome in 2009, JYJ is back and they are ready to bring it all to a whole new level. JYJ Japan Official Website unveiled the official concert goods that will be sold throughout the three concert days beginning next week Tuesday as well as through online via its official website store.


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