3 Keywords To Define TVXQ!’s New ‘The Chance of Love’ Album

South Korean boyband TVXQ! has revealed keywords to define their new 8th studio album New Chapter #1 : The Chance of Love and raises anticipation from the fans.

1. An album which TVXQ! participated directly like a Destiny

The title song of this album “The Chance of Love” is a dance pop song with swing jazz bass accompanied with a charming guitar riff and catchy hook. The lyrics express not only a story of love that is encountered “by chance” but also stories of the members of TVXQ! as destined artists to make the song more interesting to listen to.

This album is released after two years and eight months since the last album Rise as God, so U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin devoted themselves in this project from its early stages in choosing the concept, songs and a story that is told throughout the album. They are planning to provide a high level of completion and broad timbred music.

2. A collection of TVXQ!’s charms packed in a Magazine

TVXQ! described their 8th album as a form of ‘magazine’ that has various information and charming points. They revealed that they tried to put in the unique musical color of TVXQ! and different appearances of the two members.

The teaser images and videos emphasizes TVXQ!’s pleasant looking yet modern and relaxed attitude. These contents have qualities that of pictorials, adding more to the anticipation of the public. The TVXQ! official homepage is made into an interactive form where fans can customize their own magazine covers with teaser images of TVXQ! and various stickers. This puts more impact on the overall concept of this album.

TVXQ! is promoting their album with teasers with sensuality. This album has 11 songs of different genres and will provide broader perspective of music to the public. Following the story of two members in this magazine-like album is sufficient to be captivated to their story.

3. An album that holds their hearts to be with fans

TVXQ! debuted 15 years ago and they have opened their social accounts recently and shared how they are doing to communicate with fans all over the world. They are also appearing in a TV reality show I Live Alone which gives an insight to their daily lives.

On top of this, TVXQ! will hold ‘TVXQ! Welcome Back Party : The Chance of Love’ in Seoul Blue Square I’Market Hall on March 28, 2018 at 8PM local time – the exact time when the new album will be released – and have a special meeting with the fans. This event will be broadcast live worldwide via SMTOWN official channel on Naver V LIVE.

TVXQ!’s 8th album New Chapter #1 : The Chance of Love will capture the music industry as it is a well-made album combining various genres of music, brand new performances and passion of two members, to be released this 28th.

Photos / S.M. Entertainment
Translation by / Judith (All About Cassiopeia)

Originally published at Osen here.

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