TVXQ! Prepares Thank You Messages To Members And Fans For ‘Your Present’ Fan Meeting

[ YouR PresenT – From. U-Know ① ]

I feel a bit shy to write a letter to you. I’m not so good at writing but it is a new feeling to get to read a letter on stage. ^^* Um~ For 14 years, no, we’ve known each other for 16 years since when we were trainees? I feel like it was yesterday when I saw you as a high school student. Time goes by really fast. Changmin was delicate and innocent when I first saw you, but I bet there was a lot of incidents for that long time when you were dishearten because of me, when you struggled a lot and when you felt like crying. Thank you for always understanding me and standing by my side! To be honest, it is not an easy thing to push forward towards the same direction as the two of us have different styles and personalities, but because it was you, Changmin, and because I was with you, there have been more joyful things than hard things. We argue sometimes, but I think working in perseverance and with passion in your own style is the true side of you. We share that in common and that shone brightly in our hard times! I am, also of a masculine personality, so I feel shy to express my feelings but in many times I gained a heart from seeing your hard work. I’m also human, so I was exhausted many times but I gained strength because I was not alone and I was with you. ^0^* We ended our long hiatus and stood on the stage in 2010’s SMTOWN. There was no other time I felt that scared and tensed, but I also felt we can walk on a new path as the two of us, holding your hand.

There is something that comes up within myself from loneliness which makes me feel confined. It has not died out yet until now. On the last day of the dome concert in Japan before I went to the army, I cried like a child because that confined emotion had broken out and did you know your consoling hands had comforted me more than anything else? I feel like Changmin has become more reliable than myself. You always make me grow as if a rival and I feel reassured when you are by my side as a family. Even now, I’m growing by looking at you who makes me look back on myself. TVXQ! has been there for 14 years. We have grown after some tough times and we become stronger after the times in the army. Let’s build up TVXQ! nicely with you. I thank you and I love you. Changmin-ah~ ☆

[ YouR PresenT – From. U-Know ② ]

Our Cassiopeia fans~ Hello, this is U-Know Yunho from TVXQ! It has been so long since I’ve greeted you in writing besides in thanks to or another special occasions. For that, I’m actually inadept in expressing my heart in writing and I am very careful about that~ ^^* That makes today even more meaningful. I’ve something I’d like to say first, that I’m here again. More than anyone else would have done. I’ve spent some meaningful and good time there, and that time enabled me to think a lot about TVXQ! and about Jung Yunho, and about fans who cherish me. Since TVXQ! was made known to the world on 26th of December in 2003, there were many happenings for 14 years. Thank you for every moment you have trusted us to the end, sympathized with us and rejoiced with us. You were with us in our highest and lowest place as one of the members of TVXQ!. Thank you for regarding us with the heart of parents and consoling us. Those who have liked us since elementary schools have already become responsible adults and there are a lot of you who have become parents to their children. We are so moved by you and grateful that you trust us to the end and like us. ^0^* Since the beginning of our debut, I’ve always been saying that I want to make you moved than to be amazed, but I think I’m getting to know what is it to be truly moved by spending time with you. These days, I have responsibilities and burdens in positive sense on stage because I can feel your efforts to come to see the concerts and your history. I don’t just perform on the stage, but I communicate with you. I heard it is hard for a person to know this kind of feeling unless he or she has a family or become in charge of someone, so I am so lucky ^0^* I’m so thankful that I could meet with you as TVXQ! and I can look back at myself and my surroundings as the leader! I feel proud and I want to guard our name because the title that TVXQ! has is not among us, but it is the name everyone can communicate with and share together. I’m motivated to do my best even with my weaknesses because you give me the heart that I want to impress you as an artist and as a human Jung Yunho. I apologize for the two years wait and for that, I want to do more activities to show you guys a nicer side of things while I also become more careful in making decisions, and I don’t want to regret anything!

Our fans~ I will always be U-Know, who continuously grow up and improve so that I don’t disappoint any of you. I will squeeze myself tight to do my best so that everyone can enjoy and feel the positive energy, and so that I can sincerely approach you guys as much as I’m preparing hard. ^^ Thank you for believing in me as usual and I wanted to tell you this through this opportunity. Thank you for making U-Know Yunho, no, I mean human Jung Yunho to be this cool person. Let’s make the future of TVXQ! together ^^ I love you, I thank you and you are precious to me!

TVXQ! will fly higher and higher. This is yet another beginning ^0^*

–From U-Know Yunho–

[ YouR PresenT – From. MAX ① ]

To. The strongest visual dancing machine in the world, Yunho-hyung,

Hello, hyung? As for myself, I’m your brother with the name ‘Max Changmin’, with an ambitious aspiration to become the best in the music industry.

You look excited and great as we are having a good time with our fans. But, they are telling me to reveal my heart to you in front of these many fans. No, they’re telling me to confess. I love my work but right now I feel resentful towards S.M Entertainment. As you know, I’m not good with strangers. I feel cheesy and embarrassed, but I want to muster up my big courage to continue writing this letter.

It had been about 16 years since we met. There were many happenings, but we have pushed forward in those big and small waves as the two of us and came here till now. There were so many pleasant moments, but there were also hard times. But I think we could have came this far because you were beside me and you always did your best with a burning passion and because I followed you.

When I see your passion, I feel like I’m seeing an oilfield in the Texas region in U.S. from where the petroleum is spurting out from deep down in the earth. Ah! Actually your passion is greater than the oilfield because the oilfield will run out one day, but I feel like your passion will be endless like a solar power. Really great! You’re really cool bro. (Heart ♡)

I said it as if I was joking but I truly think so! I followed you, stayed with you and came until here because you are more innocent, compassionate and passionate than me. I believe we have even brighter future to march on together. I really thank you a lot. I’ve been feeling this way that I’m confident that I can do anything if I’m with you. You are really great. You’re a really a cool bro. Huhu, your passion, that hideous burning heart, is nothing like anything in the world. Indeed you are someone whom I would like!

Yes! So I want to round up this embarrassing and cheesy letter. Bro! Don’t be sick and always be healthy! Anywhere you go, you are no longer in the young age group and people respects you for your age. So what if we reduce the number of times we dance? Of course I like your overflowing stage manners and passion and your spirit, but I’m worried if that passion becomes too much, our bodies, to be exact my feeble and thin bones, will one day collapse. You are one manly, healthy and energetic guy but don’t forget as for myself, I’m a Seoul man who is like a glass marble that even a passing wind can make my bones chill.

Anyway, let’s continue putting effort to become the ‘team that has an ambition to stand out in Asia and furthermore in the world’ so that we can make great performances and nice music in harmony.

Anyway! You are the best! You are great! And bye!

The practice time was 6:00pm but because you are late so I can use this time for myself now at 6:02pm
From Changmin who is a younger brother of Passion Mansour (Heart ♡)

P.S In this life, I will do my best to the end so please share your passion to others when you’ll be born in the next life, bro. Teehee ♡

[ YouR PresenT – From. MAX ② ]

To. Our Cassiopeia, Ca-vely elders who always makes me feel reassured because they burn like flames when I see them ♡,

Hello. For myself, I am Max Changmin whose name has ‘an ambition to be the best in the music industry.’ Please understand my polite speech in formal endings. I want to write in a polite manner because you guys as well have aged enough to know the matters of the world.

As I mentioned previously, it has been 14 years since TVXQ! made debut and we have become veteran artists. Wherever I go, I’m used to being called ‘Ajussi’ [T/N: A Korean word to greet a middle-aged man] because I’m a ’30-year-old youngest’ member in a team with only two members. I’m well and I keep my head up high even when I’m being called ‘Ajussi’ because I know you are there behind us, always supporting us with passion. At this time when I’m known as ‘Ajussi,’ how are you guys?

Meanwhile, are you now a mother or a lovely girlfriend to someone? Or someone who has aged a bit and is just lonely? Take it as an expression of my affection to you guys, whom I cherish and take dearly and accept the reality. Teehee ♡

I really, very much, thank S.M Entertainment for giving me an opportunity to express my a bit cheesy but sincere heart. Huhu. To someone like myself who is afraid of strangers and very shy, I really thank you. (Heart ♡)

I have been joking around, but I really thank the fans who have been waiting for us for the recent two years when we were away for a while and for 14 years altogether. It’s something I’ve been thinking for two years, that ‘there is nothing to be taken for granted.’ I have realized how much I should be thankful to you, who support Yunho and me, and waited for us as if that is the way things should be done while this world is changing rapidly at every moment. I really try hard to repay this attention and love. In this long trip of life, I’m grateful and again grateful that we are having a beautiful journey of shared time and memory.

Well! Now I want to insert a full stop to this letter that almost made my fingers and toes disappear because I expressed too much of my whole heart. I have tried my best so please do not expect more from me. As for me, I’m Seoul man who is like a glass marble and who acts frivolously from the pain from writing for long.

Teehee ♡
Anyway, I really thank you and thank you again~
Yunho and I will work harder like a cow that plows the farm so that you will be the fans that support and love ‘the team with ambition to stand out in Asia and in the world’!

Changmin who likes the word ‘journey’ and who is a dongsaeng of Passion Mansour.

P.S. I love you~

Photos / S.M. Entertainment
Translation by / Judith (All About Cassiopeia)

Originally published at TVXQ! Official Homepage here.

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