TVXQ! ASIA PRESS TOUR in TOKYO: We Are The Happiest When Introducing Ourselves As TVXQ! [REPORT]

On August 21, 2017 (Monday), a press conference announcing the comeback of Tohoshinki was held at Roppongi Hills, Tokyo. We bring to you the photos of the duo taken first time in about 2 years.

The ‘ASIA PRESS TOUR’ that visited 3 cities, Seoul and Tokyo on August 21 and Hong Kong on August 22, is the first public event in two years by Yunho and Changmin as Tohoshinki.

At the start of a long-awaited comeback in Asia, a press tour in three different countries is held, namely in the hope of announcing the resumption of activities in various places in Asia and so on.

Expressing thanks to the fans, family members, and also the presence of each other

Appearance of Yunho and Changmin who has dressed up! On this day, smiles and energetic appearance that didn’t seem like they just had a conference in Korea.

Good evening, we are Tohoshinki

Yunho: This is Yunho from Tohoshinki. It’s been a long time we’ve stood on a place like this, so it’s an inexpressible feeling inside. Previously I was working hard alone on the stage of SMTOWN, but as I thought, it feels better with Changmin standing on the same stage together like this. This is a new start in a short time, but I’d like to talk as much as I can. A lot of things has already been decided. Everyone probably already know? (laughs)

Changmin: This is Changmin from Tohoshinki. I got discharged from the military thinking that I would get at least one day of rest, but in the end, I didn’t rest at all. (laughs) But I’m really happy to see so many people gathering together for this press conference of Tohoshinki’s comeback!

How much has changed over the past 2 years, with regards to the presence of each other?
Yunho: Up till now, we have been active with each other’s side for more than 10 years, so being apart for around 2 years made me rethink about our presence. I’m extremely thankful for Changmin who has been by my side through the tough and sad times without saying anything, so I thought he’s like a family member to me. Changmin has become a little matured over the 2 years. It’s been a long while since we met, so I thought he has gotten more handsome. (laughs)

Changmin: Yunho was originally so, but he has become even more dependable than before. I want to say thank you for staying unchanged, and the presence like the big brother in the family.

Personally, what do you think has changed over the course of 2 years?
Changmin: My hair has become extremely short, so my visual appearance has changed. (laughs) I’m still surprised when I look at myself in the mirror. And because it’s my 3rd day out in the society, I’m still not accustomed to the shutter sound of the camera, so it’s a little scary. (laughs) Let’s see, I’ve come to like reading prints more, like newspaper and books. And also, I’ve realized the importance and thankfulness of family members, fans, Yunho and staffs who have always been by my side.

Yunho: In the past 2 years, it’s possible for me to think carefully about, “From now on, how should Tohoshinki and I proceed for the future” as a “human Jung Yunho” and not Tohoshinki’s Yunho. From now on, instead of saying that “Tohoshinki is Passion”, we want to be an artiste who can charm everyone with our charms.

Starting from November 2017, A Five Major Dome Tour in Japan will be held!

In November, the Japanese Five Major Dome Tour will be held for the first time in 2 years and 7 months!
(It is the 3rd in overseas artistes history to hold a Five Major Dome Tour in Japan)

Starting with Sapporo Dome in November, followed by Osaka, Tokyo, Fukuoka, Nagoya, a total of 14 concerts is planned to be held in the five cities.

We would like to do a show that transmits dreams and hope to each other

Yunho: I can’t tell you exactly what is going on, but we would like to put our feelings into the show. Not only a show that can be enjoyed by the fans, but one that is filled with mutual intensity with us. I hope that dreams and hope can be conveyed to each other. We hope this tour will show you how much we have grown. And we plan to add a lot of new charm to the songs you love, so please support us!

In October, the release of the Best Album is decided!

Prior to the Dome Tour, the best album ‘FINE COLLECTION ~Begin Again~’ will be released on October 25, 2017 (Wednesday)!

The title seems to hold the meaning of Tohoshinki heading towards the current comeback, and also them in the midst of the journey from past to the future.

We believe it is the content that will make the fans delighted

Changmin: The chosen 40 songs are songs that contain sweet memories of crying and laughing together with everyone during live. Among these songs, 3 songs were chosen and re-recorded to show more on the singing abilities, Japanese pronunciation, and expression of feelings. I’m sure fans will be thrilled to listen to them. It’s my pride of work!

【Details of the product can be found here】TOHOSHINKI FINE COLLECTION ~Begin Again~

Start of album sales on mu-mo shop which comes with original specials!!

A big thank you to the fans who have been supporting so far, and also to quickly deliver the new image of the comeback of Tohoshinki, re-recording of 3 songs is included in the 40 songs big volume!
First Blu-ray edition has been planned, so fans can enjoy the powerful video and beautiful sounds.

To all the fans who have been waiting all these while

Changmin: Since the return, I’d like to meet everyone soon, but my hair is still short and unpleasant, so please wait for it to grow longer. (laughs) I will do my best so as to be able to reassure everyone in the various activities.

Yunho: First of all, I’m really glad to be able to do the greeting “We are Tohoshinki” with Changmin today. In fact, we were lost thinking of whether to make it really serious or adding some jokes for this press conference, but we thought that giving the warm feeling is Tohoshinki’s best charm so we did it this way. Going forward, we hope to work hard towards bringing you cool performances through warm atmosphere while adding in some jokes. To all the fans, thank you so much for waiting patiently for us.

Yunho who encouraged Changmin, who repeatedly saying that, “I’ve only returned for the 3rd day, so my Japanese is a bit strange… Sorry”, by saying, “No, no, it’s more fluent than mine!”
Until the end, the good term relationship can be seen from the duo.


All 40 songs was chosen from 13 titles of Singles which have been released since 2012’s comeback, music from 4 titles of Albums, and including the newly re-recorded 3 songs, thus, FINE COLLECTION ALBUM! First limited edition release includes video in both DVD and Blu-ray version!!
25th October 2017 release
AVCK-79392: 3-disc CD + Blu-ray

Original specials are included in this work through the sale from mu-mo shop!!
※ Special items are limited in quantity, so please understand when the stocks amount are finished.

Photos / mu-mo station
Translation by / Lin (All About Cassiopeia)

Originally published at mu-mo station here.

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