TVXQ! To Roll Out New Comeback Album In Early 2018

South Korean boyband TVXQ! plans to release a new comeback album in the beginning of next year.

In a press conference held yesterday in The Shilla Seoul Hotel, band member Max Changmin said, “We are planning to release a new album in early next year. It is good to prepare it as soon as possible for our fans but we would rather present the album with a satisfying outcome.”

Max also thanked the fans and conveyed, “I was desperate for performances in my military service. I thank my fans who waited for me during the military and those who came and stayed the night before to see me on the day of my discharge.”

TVXQ! made yesterday’s conference as a start and continued to meeting up with press teams in Tokyo, Japan and in Hong Kong earlier today. They had time to share about their recent whereabouts, their plans for the future and to greet the press yesterday. It has been two years since the members united as a complete duo, with U-Know Yunho who was discharged from the military in last April 20, and Max Changmin on the recent August 18.

Photo / EDaily
Translation by / Judith (All About Cassiopeia)

Originally published at EDaily here.

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