JYJ’s Jaejoong Features In New Issue Of C-JeS Magazine

The company to many famous South Korean singers and excellent actors like JYJ, Gummy, Choi Min Sik, Sol Kyung Gu, Kwak Do Won, Moon So Ri, Ra Mi Ran, Kim Sun A, and Ryu Jun Yeol, C-JeS Entertainment, has now created their own Chinese-Korean magazine solely for their artists.

C-JeS Magazine’s first issue went on sale December 2016. The 3rd issue will be on sale for this year’s March. With each new issue comes new updates on the artists. From the entire content of the magazine to the production and distribution, they were all done by the company’s internal cultural project group to create two versions of the magazine, Chinese and Korean.

C-JeS Magazine will be able to cover more than 50 artists’ news from C-JeS Entertainment company. Through the “Star Shoot”, “Musical Board”, “Music Therapy” and other sections, in-depth descriptions of each artist’s activities will be revealed. “Rising Stars” section is a page for introducing new refreshing rising stars.

C-JeS Magazine offers a variety of themes: “Movie A to Z” and “Special Scoop” sections provide a unique point of view that only C-JeS has to describe their artists while they’re active on TV or in movies. The “Beauty and Style” section focuses on artists who caught people’s attention with their unique sense of style and fashion. The “Zoom in” section describes the work area of C-JeS Entertainment, which has recently expanded to musical and production companies.

C-JeS Magazine’s first half highlights the commercials of fashion, food and interior designs that people from C-JeS has been spokespeople for. In addition, if the current issue doesn’t reveal enough of the artists’ hidden charms, there are also other additional pictorials and and commercials behind-the-scenes pictures that are revealed.

According to C-JeS Magazine’s creators, their original intention and ambition of the magazine was to hope that the film industries, film distribution companies, directors, writers, and advertisers can discover their artists’ fresh charms through the C-JeS Magazine. C-JeS artists will also greet the public with their diverse, rich works.

In addition, C-JeS Entertainment is a comprehensive entertainment company, founded in December 2009. It is comprised respectively by the brokerage department, advertising department, cultural planning department, video department, publicity department, financial accounting department, peripheral department, photo department, performance department, bodyguard department, Chinese business department, script analysis department, record business department, management department, and many others. Furthermore, the subsidiary “C-JeS Culture (musical production company)” and “C-JeS Production (production company)” are committed to the production of musicals and TV shows. C-JeS Entertainment spreads the Hallyu wave even further, and with the combination of new media content, rising publicity is established. To reach its goal to become a world-class entertainment company and go beyond the world global market will catch the public’s attention indeed.

Photos / C-JeS Entertainment
Translation by / Melody (All About Cassiopeia)

Originally published at BNTNews China here.

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