TVXQ!’s Yunho Reveals Red Velvet Gave Him Strength While In Military, Sets Course For Comeback

South Korean boyband TVXQ!’s U-Know Yunho was discharged from the 26th Mechanized Division in Yangju, Gyeonggi and revealed his thoughts and feelings to the press.

“I was called U-Know Yunho in the society, then it was a time when I grew up as Jung Yunho while letting go of everything,” Jung said. “I feel complicated because the time that was once stopped is moving again. My military life was fun and I made good memories in the 26th division. It was an opportunity to grow up and I learned to be grateful for small things.”

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Jung said to his fans at the scene, “Don’t leave again! We became more affectionate, right? You have always supported me from afar and many fans sent me letters. I read them whenever I had time. During my break, I read those that I could not and looked back at myself.” He also revealed that his entertainment friends also sent him letters to show their support to him during his military service. Jung said, “The juniors from other agencies also sent me [letters]. I thought that now I should visit them as an older brother.”

After being asked which girl groups gave him strength the most, Jung revealed that it was his labelmate Red Velvet. “I really thank them for coming to visit,” Jung continued but said it was the fans that he missed the most.

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As for his bandmate Shim Changmin (Max) who will discharge in four months, he said, “I think Changmin is also doing well in his military life. I had done it with a sincere heart because you trusted TVXQ! and Changmin will be discharged after doing well, too.” Jung revealed, “Now is the only beginning for TVXQ! I talked to Changmin during our breaks about our plans for TVXQ! and had prepared a lot of things.”

According to S.M. Entertainment, over 800 fans from South Korea and aboard including Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mexico, Australia and Thailand gathered to meet their idol despite the rainy weather.

Photo / Yonhap
Translation by / Judith (All About Cassiopeia)

Originally published at and Osen.

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