4,000 Fans Attend The Finale Show Of K-Pop Star Kim Jae Joong’s ‘The Rebirth of J’ Tour

K-Pop star Kim Jae Joong’s finale concert in Kaohsiung, Taiwan was ‘special and pleasant’, say fans.

Kim Jae Joong successfully ended his The Rebirth of J Asian tour in Kaohsiung last Saturday and it was his first time to host a concert there. The audience had a special time as they celebrated April Fools’ Day with their idol in Kaohsiung Arena.

When the opening song “One Kiss” ended, the Taiwanese fans raised placards written, “Actually, we’re fans of An-chan (Kim’s manager),” which made Kim surprised and laughed on stage. Kim then called his manager onto the stage and introduced him to the fans as they shouted out An-chan‘s name.

Kim counterattacked later during the second half of the show. When “Good Morning Night” was about to end heading onto an encore performance, Kim collapsed on stage. The concert was then interrupted and Kim’s security guards stepped onto the stage After a while, the music came back on and the fans shouted for Kim’s naughty stage prank but expressed their relief.

The audience on that day responded with an explosive energy and applauded to every of Kim’s live performance. Kim, who was in a blue leather jacket during the performance of a rock version of “Kiss B”, walked across the stage and expressed his gratitude, “Kaohsiung is a peaceful city and its quietness makes me to perceive your applause louder. I wish we will really enjoy this show since this is the finale concert.”

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Kim did a fine and splendid work with various genres in rock as he performed “One Kiss”, “Breathing” and “Mine” with his high vocal range and gained tremendous reaction from the fans. Kim with his eight live band members traveled across nine cities together and completed all the live performances with a rich sound from both sweet and mysterious vocalization to an intense hard rock. Kim filled the entire three hours with his solos, but none could feel his two-year hiatus as Kim brought an exceptional vocalization and showcased a diverse performances.

The 4,000 Taiwanese fans that day filled the arena and shouted, “Kim Jaejoong! I love you!” endlessly in Korean during the encore. Kim said, “The finale of this Asian tour is special and pleasant because of you. I will visit again as soon as possible. My heart flutters since it’s my first time in Kaohsiung and I really think it’s a good choice to come here.”

Although it was Kim’s first visit to Kaohsiung, the enthusiasm he received from his audience was as great as those of the shows in other cities.

A local concert official revealed, “It was a concert that I can sense how popular Kim Jaejoong is here. The show had gathered as much attention as in concerts before his military enlistment and the show this time around was the best well-received concert among all other recent concerts held in Kaohsiung before this. Kim has displayed his warmheartedness to give back the love of fans by visiting local night markets for filming and speaking diverse languages during the concert.”

2017 KIM JAE JOONG ASIA TOUR ‘The REBIRTH of J’ was Kim’s first ever concert tour since his military discharge and the tour has gathered much attention after visiting nine cities five countries in two months.

Photos / C-JeS Entertainment
Translation by / Judith (All About Cassiopeia)

Originally published at Star Daily News here.

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