K-Pop Star Kim Jae Joong Leaves 5,000 Fans Starstruck At First Macao Concert

K-Pop star Kim Jae Joong ends his Asian tour in Macao with great success.

The show in Macao was the eighth among nine cities in the The Rebirth of J concert tour. On March 24, 2017, fans went to Cotai Arena of The Venetian Macao to take commemorative photographs with Kim’s concert banners. The following day on the night of the concert, fans showed their anticipation to see their idols whom they had been waiting for so long by shouting “Kim Jaejoong!”

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Kim greeted his fans during the show, “It is my first time in Macao, and the weather isn’t that sunny as I thought. But my heart is excited as before.” Kim then changed his outfit on stage and said, “I’ve prepared the next stage to be enjoyed with everyone. Shall we stand up and enjoy it together?”

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Kim then showed off his energetic stages with his own charms in “Luvholic” and “Kiss B”. Soon after he said, “[This visit] makes me think to visit Macao again to travel around more. Tell me fun things about Macao,” and fans shouted various tourist spots.

Fans passionately responded to every Kim’s stage performance. During ballads “Love You To Death” and “Breathing”, Kim showed off his vocal skills and sensitivity. He gave all his energy in performances “Welcome To My Wild World” and “Good Luck”, capturing the audience’s eyes and ears. Kim tried a few Cantonese phrases; short but sincere. The concert was full of reasons to fall for Kim Jaejoong.

Kim concluded that night’s show by saying, “I really enjoyed this first Macao concert and it is such a special time for me. I pray we will see each other again. It is a great happiness to know that there are some people who call me and want me. Please invite me again. I will run to you.” The fans then responded and shouted “Kim Jaejoong” and “I love you” endlessly.

The audience sang the last encore song “I’ll Protect You” together and Kim was moved. He reappeared on the stage and promised for a next meeting, “Thank you everyone who came to today’s concert. Let’s see each other again.”

Meanwhile, Kim will have his finale concert of 2017 KIM JAE JOONG ASIA TOUR ‘The REBIRTH of J’ on April 1, 2017 in Kaohsiung Arena in Taiwan.


Photos / C-JeS Entertainment
Translated by / Judith (All About Cassiopeia)

Originally published at Sedaily here.

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