K-Pop Star Kim Jae Joong Wows 5,000 Fans In Thailand’s Concert After 4 Years

South Korean K-Pop artist Kim Jaejoong of JYJ returns to Thailand after four years and his popularity is still burning hot!

Kim Jaejoong has put his fans in ‘J-Holic’ starting with Seoul in January earlier this year, then Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya and Saitama in Japan, followed by Hong Kong and he continued with that heat in Thailand. He last visited Thailand four years ago since March 2013 for Your, My & Mine album mini solo concert and fan meeting, and he shared a heartwarming re-encounter with Thai fans on last Saturday of March 18, 2017.

A press conference was held in Central World Plaza in the afternoon of the same day. About 100 press and media were gathered to cover the event including TV channels CH9, Ch.8, True Inside, Naewna, Thairath, and radio stations Tofu Pop Radio and many more. Kim conveyed his feeling about visiting Hong Kong and his anticipation for the concert, “A lot of people came to the airport yesterday to welcome me. I’m so happy that you are welcoming me and giving me more love than my last visit.” He continued, “I look forward to today’s concert to see how much great support and energy I will receive from you in the concert hall.”

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That night’s concert at Indoor Stadium Huamark was filled with 5,000 fans from Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore and other neighboring countries. They were waving red light sticks and could not hide their feelings towards the show to be able to witness their idol after four years.

Kim made his grand appearance after his opening stage and greeted, “Thank you for coming to my concert after four years. I arrived a day before the concert and truly enjoyed Thailand. I had also tasted some local delights.” He continued, “I think the color gold fits Thailand so I have prepared a gold costume for tonight’s performance.” Kim then displayed the costume which he had prepared earlier as fans applauded loudly. Fans listened attentively as Kim shared stories with them in his gentle voice.

Kim unsparingly had a fan service and introduced fans who were in the dress code of “everything Thailand” one by one. During “Good Morning Night”, fans yelled in hope he would perform a series of encores on stage. Fans shouted with joy and were surprised when the intro for “Butterfly” was played. This song was performed for the first time in this Asian tour so fans responded more enthusiastically than any other stages and colored the hall with a vibe of a festival.

The audience showed their gratitude in so many ways towards Kim for visiting Thailand again. Hand-held placards written “Welcome Back KJJ” were raised among the audience to express their emotions. Throughout the encore song “I’ll Protect You”, fans held placards written “We’ll Always Be Here.” Kim then responded in his final words, “If you are always here, we could see each other sooner. In this very concert hall, I think we are all having the same hearts regardless of our nationalities. Thank you everyone. Khob-khun-kup.” The concert hall then turned into a sea of tears.

An official from the show said, “I was surprised to see Kim Jaejoong’s firm and long-lasting popularity that recorded a sold out of 5,000 tickets in just 3 minutes after the sales opened. After witnessing today’s concert, I can say the enthusiasm of the fans is even greater than that. The cheers that filled the concert hall made it clear that Thai fans had been waiting for him and I could feel why fans went wild because of Kim’s attraction on stage.”

The concert in Thailand successfully gathered 5,000 fans and Kim will continue his tour in Macao on March 25, 2017 and Taiwan the following week. Exclusive fan concert packages are now available at http://www.aacassiopeia.com/kimjaejoong2017.

Photos / C-JeS Entertainment
Reported by / Hwang Gyu Joon (Star Daily News)
Translated by / Judith (All About Cassiopeia)

Originally published at Star Daily News here.

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