JYJ’s Junsu Discusses His Character ‘L’ In Upcoming ‘Death Note’ Musical [INTERVIEW]


(Everything starts from one book)

L Kim Junsu – World’s greatest detective who solves cases shrouded in mysteries. He is the only person who mobilizes the polices in the whole world.

Junsu: I encountered Death Note through manga when I was young, and I had been a fervent fan since then. When I heard the news that Death Note will mount on stage as a musical, I anticipated it so much as a fan. Then, I got a good opportunity to perform as L, who is a charming character. I thought that if I do not take the chance now, I will never play as L especially when he is an unique and charming character by nature. I’m so glad that I can play as him now.

L of Kim Junsu

Junsu: L has a firm image in his motion and appearance. He has this atmosphere that he is not fully normal, so it is hard to re-create that kind of feeling. I also feel pressured to show that I’m wearing my own clothes. I try to blend my natural self into that as well. I saw the pictures from the photo shoot, and I’m happy how they turn out.

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