‘Fog Across The Sea’ To Be Shown In Theaters Across Japan This April

A Japanese poster of Fog Across The Sea (original title: Haemoo/Sea Fog) was released recently on an online site.


In the released Japanese poster, it shows the moment of two person gripping each other’s hands in the midst of sea fog, where nothing can be seen even an inch ahead. The Japanese title “Fog Across The Sea”, along with the tagline “Don’t tell anyone what happened above the sea”, stimulate curiosity among viewers.

Producer Bong Jun Ho also participated in the production. Fog Across The Sea depicts a story where six crew members transporting stowaways in the midst of sea fog, and gets complicated in the incident which cannot be controlled.

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JYJ’s Park Yoochun, who had his screen debut through this movie, won recognition as rookie of the year by winning at various award ceremonies like ‘The 34th Korean Association of Film Critics Awards’, ‘The 51st Grand Bell Awards’, ‘The 15th Busan Film Critics Awards’, ‘The 35th Blue Dragon Film Awards’, and ‘The 6th Korea Film Reporters Association (KOFRA) Film Awards’; strengthening his position as a movie star.

Even in Japan, promotions of the movie went along with Yoochun as the focus. It’s only Yoochun, who has already held many fans through JYJ’s activities in Japan, to prove whether he can boost ticket sales. Fog Across The Sea is scheduled to release in theaters on April 17 in Japan.

Photo / Next Entertainment World
Translation by / Lin (All About Cassiopeia)

Originally published at JYJ Japan Official Website here.

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