JYJ’s Junsu’s New Album Is Underway

JYJ’s Kim Junsu will showcase his image transformation through his new solo album in two years.


According to his agency C-JeS Entertainment, Kim Junsu has recently started to record songs for the album that is scheduled for a March release. The idol has been preparing diligently for his new album, even while he was working in group activities as JYJ last year.

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The solo album is not definite, but there is a high possibility that many genres like ballad and dance will be included.

As the concert will be the main stage, he requires a number of songs for various performances. Junsu has attracted his fans’ attention by announcing an image transformation for his upcoming album that will be entirely different from his first and second solo albums.

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In his first album Tarantallegra released in 2012, his eye-catching epicene charm has made a record of 120,000 copies of sales.

The following summer, his second album Incredible attracted people’s attention with his splendid performance in R&B and funky music. The album successfully gathered over 100,000 audience in his concerts in seven Asian cities.

A spokesperson said, “We are not putting a limit in costume and concept designs, and we are thinking broadly. It will be an exceptional stage than ever before.”

Kim Junsu will be active in both Korea and Japan. As JYJ has released their first single in Japan, he is planning to approach the local fans.

Photo / C-JeS Entertainment
Translation by / Judith (All About Cassiopeia)

Originally published at dongA here.

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