New Album Of JYJ’s Junsu Could Be The Album Of The Year

JYJ’s Junsu will return as a standalone artist in March with a brand new album.


His agency C-JeS Entertainment revealed on January 16, “The third solo studio album of JYJ’s Junsu will be released this March.”

With his first solo album Tarantallegra released in 2012, Junsu has been recognized as the the best vocal-skilled idol by Korean vocal trainers, music experts and the number one most suitable idol for the ‘I Am Singer’ singing competition program.

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Junsu will be in charge of producing, writing and composing most of songs of various genres including dance, ballad and R&B in this solo album. Besides, songs gifted from the remaining JYJ members will be included and will set the anticipation even higher.

President Back Chang Ju of C-JeS Entertainment said, “The value of Junsu as a singer is the best in the nation. His matchless vocal skills, his capacity as a singer-songwriter, and seizing the power of dance performances are acknowledged by many choreography artists from North America, South America and Europe.” He continued, “It will probably be the best album in the music industry for the first half of the year.”

A music video will be unveiled in conjunction with the album release. Choreographer Jeri Slaughter and his team from the States will participate in the music video and fans can expect a top-notch music video out of it.

After the news broke regarding Junsu’s comeback in March, various netizens responded, “Junsu’s solo comeback in March, I’m anticipating [it] so much”, “He has the best vocal skills among idols” and “How can I wait till March?”

Photo / C-JeS Entertainment
Translation by / Judith (All About Cassiopeia)

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