S.M. Entertainment To Premiere World’s First Hologram Musical ‘School Oz’


– Fantasy adventure with Max Changmin, Key, Suho, Xiumin, Luna, and Seulgi!
-‘Girl Story’ hologram will open at the same time! Tickets will take place at 10:00AM on January 7, 2015

School OZ, a holographic musical by S.M. Entertainment, will launch for the first time in the world. The musical is scheduled to open on January 14, 2015 in SMTOWN THEATRE on the 5th floor of SMTOWN@coexartium, a multi-functional entertainment place right in the heart of Seoul in Samseong-dong.

Based on the Magical World of Oz, ‘School Oz’ describes a family-friendly fantasy adventure in search of Dorothy, who disappears a day before the ‘Greatest Knight’ competition. This 110-minute fantastic hologram musical features a combination of hit songs by SMTOWN artists, various characters of wizards and witches, and magic.

Popular SMTOWN artists will appear together in the ‘School Oz’ musical: TVXQ!’s Max Changmin will play a mystic and perfectionist Oscar; SHINee’s Key as a mood maker David; f(x)’s Luna will play the witch Glinda; EXO’s Suho and Xiumin will portray a romantic Hans and a faithful Aquila, respectively; Red Velvet’s Seulgi will take on the role of the innocent Dorothy. Girls’ Generation’s Yuna and Super Junior’s LeeTeuk are set to appear as cameos to double the fun of drama.

SMTOWN THEATRE is the first multi-functional theatre in Korea which has the capacity for various performances of a holographic content, both musical and concert. The theatre features a 270-degree 14K super HD mega facade of 40m in length, 14 high-definition projectors, and 9.1 channel surround sound system to give the sense of realism as if the artists are performed right in front of the audience’s eyes, and an overwhelming immersion.

The videos for these holographic musical and concert in SMTOWN THEATRE use a lot of visual special effects that no other holograms has attempted before. International Advertisement Award-winning for the “Best Visual Effects”, GIANTSTEP, is recognized for its excellent skills and will bring the show to a whole new level.

Besides, ‘Girl Story’ hologram concert will kick off on the same day and consists of a video story starring Girls’ Generation’s Yuna and SHINee’s Minho, and also virtual performances by various SMTOWN artist. The concert will run for 45 minutes and will present a new interest to fans.

Meanwhile, tickets for ‘School Oz’ hologram musical and ‘Girl Story’ hologram concert can be purchased through the official homepage (http://www.smtownland.com) and the ‘SMTOWN THEATRE’ app on January 7, 2015 at 10:00AM local time.


Photos / S.M. Entertainment
Translation by / Judith (All About Cassiopeia)

Originally published at SMTOWN NOW here.

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