Star Cast With TVXQ! – “The Day When TVXQ! Had Their 4000th Day of Debut!” [EXCLUSIVE]


These are SHINee’s Taemin and EXO’s Chen and Kai.
Different guys pose the same posture.
They made a letter “T” with their hands.
What could it mean?


“We are T”
S.M. fans would all know the answer.
“T” stands for “TVXQ!”


TVXQ! spent a special day. It was the 4000th day of their debut on last December 7th. They performed a special live tour of T1ST0RY concert at the Gymnastics Stadium, Olympic Park on December 6th and 7th in order to celebrate this.

STARCAST also moved busily to prepare the behind story of TVXQ!. First, check out the above picture. There are trophies in TVXQ!’s hands. Those are presents to commemorate the successful concert.


These are presents which S.M. entertainment prepared. They conveyed gratitude by preparing appreciation plaque and wine other than trophies. Those stand for thanking about being together for 4000 days and still together at the 5000th day, too. It is said that TVXQ! had time receiving those at the after-concert party.


Cake cannot be missed out at the after-concert party, right? At the night of that party, two members of TVXQ! blew the candles and cut the cake. The words that written, “Congratulations! TVXQ!”, and “I Love You” attract the eyes.

We will come back to the real concert story now. How were U-Know and MAX doing on the day when they commemorated the great 4000th day of debut? We release the story now!


This is MAX at the waiting room first. He was getting his hair styled while feeling relaxed. His outfit preparation was not done yet. He got styled lastly with having a comfortable jumper on.


“Concert stage outfits.”


He changed into his stage outfit before anyone knew. He wore a jacket which the flashy gold embroidery outstood. We say that face completes the style in this case. He just outstood whatever clothes he wore.


At the same time, U-Know had already finished setting his outfit. He wore same jacket as MAX’s. He looked into the camera before checking his makeup. Then, he did an eye contact + killer-smile.


Finally, the time for them to go on stage came. TVXQ! and dancers gathered at one place. They shouted out their chants of concentration. They seemed nervous even though it has been 10 years since their debut.


“Now, shall we start?”


You’re curious of that day’s charge? We release their individual photos first.


U-Know is charismatic. He matched well with male dancers. He showed off real intense masculine charisma through “Keep Your Head Down” performance. It looked like a photo shoot even though he had his hair slightly waved, right?


This is sexy U-Know. He stood out although he was accompanied with female dancers. This song was released for the first time at T1ST0RY concert. It was the performance of “Bang” which was composed, written, and arranged by U-Know. It was special for both U-Know and Cassiopeia.


Pink suit was great on U-Know. He fit really well in pink suit and shoes without humiliation. If he sings “Your Man”, he contacts eyes with fans which is a bonus. Check it through the concert!


This is MAX. He was giving off his chic-charm upon stage. He was passionately singing “Double Trouble”. His live performance was stable even with intense dance.


He attacked females’ hearts with his sweet charm, too. He presented a performance of “She”, which is a song in the fifth studio album. He sang it in an acoustic version at the concert after arranging it. MAX’s clear tone outstood.


The most talked-about topic of this concert was MAX’s fat-free abs. He stopped drinking for 2 months for this topless performance. It was the abs that he achieved by not eating soups and even Kimchi (a Korean traditional pickled vegetable food). It was fabulous.

MAX revealed his abs on stage in “Heaven’s Day”. He undid his buttons by saying, “This is because I want to take my top off quickly”. Female fans’ decibel reached the peak at his amazing abs.


TVXQ! shone more when they are together. We release the splendid images of their stage. This is the image of them singing “Catch Me”. They made a photo shoot only by standing still. Can you see their superior heights?


Dynamic stage is TVXQ!’s patent, right? They attracted attention of audience with their splendid performance. They presented perfectly refined group dance through the performance of “Humanoids”. They shone more since they wore shiny clothes.


They presented relaxed stage manners too since it wasn’t the first or second day of them holding massive concerts. Can you see their natural images in front of 12,000 audience? Actually, choreography of “Spellbound” is really complicated and various. It’s a choreography that knocks the spirit out of one if it’s danced only for once.


They presented a special stage for commemorating the 4000th day of their debut. The members re-arranged tracks from the existing albums they chose by themselves into acoustic versions. They doubled the charge by being accompanied with a live band. They say that they wanted to vivify the feeling by ‘camping’ with fans.


“Acoustic version is sweet.”


They ended their concert with a dance performance. They headed towards the end of 3 hours by putting arms around each dancer’s shoulders at the “Show Me Your Love” stage. It was a stage made by one, two, and every people. That is why people say “TVXQ!”, “TVXQ!”.


TVXQ! conveyed their gratitude by looking back at their past 10 years. The reason why TVXQ! can stand until today is because of fans! They greeted in Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and English other than in Korean.

How was the fans’ reaction?


Seeing is believing. They were hot, no, so hot. It is said that people couldn’t feel the freezing weather. This was how the night of TVXQ! and Cassiopeia darkened hotly.

However, it wouldn’t be STARCAST if it finishes here, right? We release heartwarming pictures lastly. Please save it!


“EXO + SHINee + MAX”


“EXO + SHINee + f(x) + U-Know”

Written by / Na Ji Yeon (Dispatch)
Edited by / Douglas (All About Cassiopeia)
Photos / S.M. Entertainment

This article originally published at Naver here.

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