What Makes JYJ’s Comeback Concert In Seoul Special [REPORT]

South Korean boy band JYJ held a solo concert since four years ago. The cheering fans who’ve been loving them for 10 years without a change was sufficient with a red wave and shouts as if Jamsil Main Stadium would blow up.


JYJ held their ‘2014 JYJ CONCERT in SEOUL ‘THE RETURN OF THE KING” on August 9 in the Seoul Olympic Main Stadium or also known as the Jamsil Main Stadium. The chilled air of the night became heated, and 30,000 fans who waited for them for a long time went wild as much as they wanted. The JYJ trio were temporarily busy with their own individual activities, but performed a full stage for over two hours without a break and granted an impression itself.

# A Concert Since Four Years Ago – Three Men Gathered Together
It has been four years since JYJ was in the Seoul Olympic Main Stadium as a complete set. Kim Junsu in musicals, Kim Jaejoong in dramas, and Park Yoochun in films. Since they were busy even recently, this comeback was more meaningful to fans. In the middle of the concert, JYJ said, “It has been a long time even for you guys to see us three on the same stage.” The boys showed their affection and said, “We missed you a lot.”

Proving JYJ’s good condition, these three people displayed a perfect concert as if they were always one. From the beginning, they showed energetic stages of Creation, Be the One, and BaboBoy, and melted the audience’s heart with unchanged vocalization and sweet harmonies in Let Me See and In Heaven.

Fans also responded to their passion with red light sticks and group chants, and the members thanked, “Thanks so much for that many people came [to this concert] even it has been a long time,” and conveyed gratitude greetings to fans.

# A ‘Separate Yet Together’-Filled Stage
Their skills that were built-up for a long time also shone their light. On that day, JYJ sang songs from the Just Us album together and had three songs per members for solo stages. This day’s concert shone because three people were together, but each member’s stage also had full of energy.

Kim Jaejoong expressed his own rock emotion with Dear J, Butterfly, and Mine. On the other hand, Kim Junsu showed off his charm with 7 Years Old, Tarantallegra, and a mix performance of Turn It Up and Incredible. Park Yoochun sang Thirty, Walking With Her In The Spring, and I Love You with passion and natural stage manner.

# Back Seat Banned From Broadcasts? A Performance That You Can Only See In This Concert
The climax of the concert on this day was Back Seat. This title track song of the Just Us album raised issue online because it was judged to be inappropriate to be on broadcasts in KBS’s pop song review on August 6. When can we watch a stage performance of Back Seat if not in this concert?

JYJ appeared calmly and said, “We should have at least one banned song. Anyway, it’s special to watch you [the fans] in the concert and not in broadcasts.” JYJ reacted with a relaxed altitude and performed a fantastic ending stage that they don’t have to be jealous of anyone. It was the best gift to fans who were with them.

Photos / C-JeS Entertainment
Translation by / Judith (All About Cassiopeia)

Originally published at Osen here.

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