JYJ Concludes Third Annual Fan Expo And Gathers 18,000 Fans

JYJ’s free communicative fan service event, ‘2014 JYJ Membership Week’, came to an end on August 3.


C-JeS Entertainment stated, “The four-day ‘2014 JYJ Membership Week’ that took place from July 31 till to August 3 in COEX’s C & D halls ended with a great success. A total of 18,000 domestic and overseas fans made precious memories through this fan expo.”



The exhibition halls were decorated as a place solely for all things JYJ including ‘JYJ Club’, which presented a mix of JYJ’s hit songs and videos of the members DJing under theme ‘Music of JYJ’, the music video set for Back Seat, and the ‘Dress Room’ displaying over 600 stage outfits that the members have worn.

Fans were pleased with the various and high-quality contents such as the ‘JYJ Book Café’, where fans could enjoy ice-cream while browsing the JYJ magazines, the ‘JYJ Theater’ which played JYJ’s recent activities and behind the scene clips, and the ‘Photo Sticker’ booth where the fans could take pictures with the members’ photos in the background.


A spokesperson revealed, “The JYJ Membership Week, which was held annually to communicate with fans, allowed a closer fan interaction and they were really satisfied. This was the third installment of membership week and we wanted to make it as a continuous event rather than a one-time event. We will keep trying to make opportunities for the fans to interact with JYJ.”

On August 2 and 3, fan meetings were held for fans who were selected beforehand. In these two days, JYJ had a great time sharing stories and playing games with 4,000 Japanese fans and 6,000 Korean fans. The trio also revealed songs for the first time from their new album, Just Us, and held showcases during the fan meetings.



JYJ expressed, “We’re happy to be given this opportunity to make good memories together with fans every year. We would love to continue having this kind of chance to spend time with fans.”

A fan from the expo, Ayako (27) said, “This is my third time visiting the JYJ Membership Week, and I’m happy to see the boys every year. I’m thankful for the exhibition that was prepared only for fans and I’m happy to be a fan who can have this opportunity.” Amy (34) said, “I’m anticipating for next year’s membership week for its various contents that are enjoyable and rich with experience every year.”



Meanwhile, 4,000 fans from Japan had visited Korea to attend this membership week. A spokesperson said, “While Hallyu Wave in Japan is said to be in stagnant, the tourism industries should be glad that 4,000 Japanese fans were here to see JYJ. It’s a really impressive effect that JYJ has such massive Japanese fans for JYJ’s Membership Week each year.

JYJ will kick off their first stage of 2014 Asia Tour Concert ‘The Return Of The King’ on August 9 in Seoul Olympic Main Stadium.

Photos / C-JeS Entertainment
Translation by / Judith (All About Cassiopeia)

Originally published at XportsNews here.

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