‘Triangle’ Reaches Its Series Finale With A Happy Ending

The last episode of MBC Mondays-Tuesdays drama Triangle ended off with a happy ending on the night of July 29 in Korea.


Go Bok Tae (starring Kim Byung Ok), who lost everything because of Heo Young Dal (starring JYJ’s Jaejoong) and Jang Dong Su’s (starring Lee Beom Su) plot, decided to target Yoon Yang Ha’s (starring ZE:A’s Si Wan) life as a revenge. Young Dal and Dong Su, who knew this later headed to Daejeon Casino, but it was after Yoon Yang Ha has already been stabbed.

Young Dal hugged Yang Ha and sobbed, while Yang Ha conveyed his delayed feelings, saying “Sorry big brother, I should have said this earlier to you…” Following on, confessing to Dong Su, “Why did you abandon me? I was lonely for a long time. Really.” Yang Ha then left his last words before closing his eyes, saying “Chairman Dae Jun (starring Kim Byung Ki) was the one who raised me up. I don’t want to lose a father twice. Big brother, please don’t continue this anymore.”

Dong Su conveyed Yang Ha’s last words to Yoon Dae Jun, and suggested that if the Chairman sincerely seeks atonement for his wrong doings, Dong Chul and him will follow Dong Woo’s wish of forgiving him. He wanted to end the feud between each other. Instead of asking for forgiveness, Dae Jun pushed the blame on Dong Su and Young Dal, saying that they used Yang Ha to prevent their own death.

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Dong Su and Young Dal, who was troubling over Yang Ha’s last words and their revenge, after thinking for a long time, Dae Jun was derived into self-destruction. Young Dal tried to create disagreement between Hyun Pil Sang (starring Jang Dong Jik) and Dae Jun, while Dong Su tried to create disagreement between Bok Tae and Dae Jun. As a result, Pil Sang passes the prosecution file of Dae Jun’s secret funds; Bok Tae passed the sound recording of Dae Jun instructing himself to kill Dong Su over to the police.

Young Dal, who has reached his aim, went to visit Dae Jun, saying “Lastly, I have one thing to ask. Is what you’ve been trying to protect so desperately, more worth than a person’s life? If you cannot answer me, I want you to reply that properly to Dong Woo. Only that way can Dong Woo rest in peace.” Dae Jun then chose to commit suicide under the compression of his restraint and guilt for Yang Ha.

After finishing the revenge of Father Jang Jong Kook and youngest sibling Yang Ha, Young Dal was appointed as the new CEO of Daejeon Casino, and planned the rosy future of him and Oh Jung Hee (starring Baek Jin Hee), who has successfully repent her own mistakes. On the other hand, Dong Su departed for Hwang Shin Hye (starring Oh Yeon Su), who went America to study abroad.

Photo / MBC
Translation by / Lin (All About Cassiopeia)

Originally published at JYJ Japan Official Website here.

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