JYJ’s New Album Receives A Record Of 120,000 Copies For Advanced Pre-Order!

JYJ’s managing company, C-JeS Entertainment, released the news that JYJ received a record of 120,000 copies of pre-order for their new album Just Us.


C-JeS Entertainment also expressed that, from the advanced pre-order which was one week before album release, all the way till after album release, strong responses from fans have put the Internet music distribution site on high ranking. This has also dominated online and shop front sales. Pre-sales pre-order alone has already amounted to 120,000 copies, and currently, it’s at a state where sales are still ongoing.

JYJ’s 1st full album In Heaven, released in 2011, had access to the pre-order sales site delayed, and shop front being able to have ‘JYJ exclusive register’, thus it has gathered tremendous popularity.

Adding on to the surge in advanced pre-order quantity, and working hard on the album production way beforehand.

JYJ took a lead on music distribution site by having the title track Back Seat on 1st place in ranking, showing their power in album sales and music distribution site.

Photo / C-JeS Entertainment
Translation by / Lin (All About Cassiopeia)

Originally published at JYJ Japan Official Website here.

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