Naver Music Special – JYJ 2nd Album ‘Just Us’ [EXCLUSIVE]


July’s Music Special
Second Studio Album As A Complete JYJ, Just Us
A Grand Opening Of Their Work On An Album To The Public!

Special │ JYJ Comeback As A Complete Unit After 3 Years!

JYJ makes a comeback with their second studio album, Just Us, after three years with In Heaven in 2011. Just Us consists of 13 songs, in which some are composed by other composers but written by members themselves, and an English song that they worked on while in the United States.

JYJ decided on the album title as ‘Just Us’ and said, “We wanted to put our natural selves instead of pressure or compulsion to produce a nice album from the fact that this is our album after a long time.” This album has diverse genres; from sentimental ballad to groovy rhythmical songs that JYJ wanted to put. It also includes a trendy title track, Back Seat and acapella-styled songs filled with JYJ’s own harmonies. Naver Music will reveal the album’s production note that has the present of JYJ.

Data provided by OGAM Entertainment │ Content: Naver Music

Album │ The Appearance JYJ Has Now With Just Us Album

The title track Back Seat is an urban R&B song with a sexy lyrics and dreamy atmosphere, and contains a different charm that wasn’t present in JYJ’s previous albums. This song amplifies the whispering vocals of JYJ and anyone can listen to it while feeling relaxed but catchy through the sexy groove and melody. Loved by fans for their individual activities in dramas, films and musicals, JYJ now want to express the music and story to fans through this album under JYJ’s name. Just Us album contains relaxing music that will wake sleeping emotions up and will capture the audience again, so let’s listen to the their messages!

Story │ JYJ’s Album Production Note!

#1The Music Video Shoot
Jaejoong is outstanding in trying hard to complete the best music video by bringing up many ideas. He also watched Yoochun filming for the music video and soothed the tired Yoochun. Let’s see the captures of the music video scene which was filled with passion!


Yoochun led the atmosphere of the shoot with his own mood. The staffs were moved with his charismatic eyes which are hidden in his softness.


Junsu did not give in to the member’s mischief! Jaejoong and Yoochun took photos with their phones when they saw Junsu was sleeping and relaxing on the massage chair. We were surprised again at his professional postures with most enthusiasm once he entered the set.


#2Album Cover Photo Shoot


This is the captures from JYJ’s album cover photo shoot! There were many props used and pictures of the members. You can figure out who wore these colorful outfits in JYJ’s Just Us Album!


Shooting with only three of them together, they concentrated nicely when they had to and joked around to show a natural feeling for the photo shoot!


JYJ monitored their shots and continued with a harmonious atmosphere. They shine more when they are together!

So far we’ve seen the music video shoot for Back Seat and the behind story of their album cover photo shoot. We had prepared this to show you a different appearance of JYJ abundantly, and we wonder how do you feel about this. We ask much of your interest and love for Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu, who are loved by fans for their individual activities in dramas, films and musicals! Thank you!

Photo │ JYJ’s Comeback Photos


From │ JYJ’s Autographs For Naver Music


Event │ Special Gift In Commemoration Of JYJ’s 2nd Album Release!


Surprise Event!
In Commemoration Of JYJ’s 2nd Album Release!
We are giving away Just Us CDs through lottery.

Gift | Just Us CDs to five people

Entry Period : July 29, 2014 (TUES) – August 12, 2014 (TUES)
Participants : Customers who are using Naver Music on regular payment. (Inclusive to one year payment)
Entry Method : Leave comments below [here] about JYJ’s new album Just Us
Announcement Of Winners : August 19, 2014 (TUES) at 12:00PM (Through Naver Music notice board and personal e-mails)

Photos / C-JeS Entertainment, Naver Music
Translation by / Judith (All About Cassiopeia)

Originally published at Naver Music here.

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