Naver Music Special – JYJ 2nd Album ‘Just Us’ [EXCLUSIVE]


July’s Music Special
Second Studio Album As A Complete JYJ, Just Us
A Grand Opening Of Their Work On An Album To The Public!

Special │ JYJ Comeback As A Complete Unit After 3 Years!

JYJ makes a comeback with their second studio album, Just Us, after three years with In Heaven in 2011. Just Us consists of 13 songs, in which some are composed by other composers but written by members themselves, and an English song that they worked on while in the United States.

JYJ decided on the album title as ‘Just Us’ and said, “We wanted to put our natural selves instead of pressure or compulsion to produce a nice album from the fact that this is our album after a long time.” This album has diverse genres; from sentimental ballad to groovy rhythmical songs that JYJ wanted to put. It also includes a trendy title track, Back Seat and acapella-styled songs filled with JYJ’s own harmonies. Naver Music will reveal the album’s production note that has the present of JYJ.

Data provided by OGAM Entertainment │ Content: Naver Music

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JYJ ‘The Return Of The King’ Tour In Vietnam Ticket Site Crashes After 3 Minutes Of Sales

TicketBox suffered a system crash on July 28 as fans scrambled to book tickets for the highly-anticipated Vietnam concert of JYJ. TicketBox is the official ticket partner for the concert.


The ticketing agency started selling its first round of sales on the day at 8:00PM local time for JYJ’s first ever concert in Vietnam, which is scheduled for August 30. The agency offered a 15 percent discount for fans who purchase R and S zones early and a chance to win exclusive JYJ merchandise. At the same time, the sales for VIP zones took place and in just three minutes, the ticket site went down due to traffic overload.

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