JYJ Shares ‘Back Seat’ Music Video Teaser Ahead Of New Album Release

South Korean boy band, JYJ, revealed its first music video teaser of their lead song in their upcoming album, Just Us.


The band’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment said, “The music video teaser of the album’s title track, Back Seat was revealed to the public through online music sites and the official YouTube channel of JYJ.”

“JYJ has proved the majesty of a complete JYJ for their comeback after 3 years through a short 30-second teaser,” they continued. “As soon as that captivating video was disclosed, the fans all around the world showed explosive response and the interest towards the new album was doubled.”

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In the revealed teaser, JYJ captured people’s attention with a fancy choreography and image beauty that maximizes the charms of each member. Especially, JYJ’s appearance shines in the darkness towards the end of the teaser that leaves a lingering look and magnifies the curiosity for a full version of the music video.

JYJ perfectly expressed the mood of Back Seat, a song with sexy lyrics and dreamy atmosphere. The band displayed an appearance that was not showcased in their individual activities. They demonstrated the effect of synergy to the full extent as a complete unit.

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On the other hand, JYJ gained much more attention after teaser photos of the new album were released to the fans. The response given by the JYJ fans increases as they wait for the ‘2014 JYJ Membership Week’, the concert in Seoul Olympic Main Stadium, and the Asian tour once the album is released.

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After watching Back Seat’s music video teaser, netizens commented, “JYJ is the best when they are complete! I’m anticipating so much more after watching it [the teaser],” and “I’m playing it over and over again after the teaser is released! I wanna get the album and see the new music video as soon as possible.”

Meanwhile, the full music video version of Back Seat will be revealed in the midnight of July 29th.

Be sure to check out Back Seat’s music video teaser below:

Transcription and translation from clip:

더 원하고 있잖아 날 믿잖아 (You’re wanting more, You trust me, right?)
내 느낌으로 따라와 (Follow through my feeling)

Photo / C-JeS Entertainment
Translation by / Judith (All About Cassiopeia)

Originally published at Osen here.

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