Shining Eyes Of ‘Triangle’ Star Jaejoong While Acting Give Goosebumps

JYJ’s Jaejoong’s acting through his eyes is a charming point that even actor Lee Bum Su is admired. Kim Jaejoong is maximizing his charm through every episodes and adds gripping force to Triangle. In his portrayal, he shows painfulness in eagerly longing for his brother and stirs up viewers’ attention with full interest.


The 19th episode of MBC Mondays-Tuesdays drama Triangle that was broadcast on 7th showed Heo Young Dal (acted by Kim Jaejoong) deeply missing his youngest brother. Young Dal laboriously pushed his first love Oh Jeong Hee (acted by Baek Jin Hee) and continued his sorrowful love.

Previously, through Hwang Shin Hye (acted by Oh Yeon Su), Dong Su (acted by Lee Bum Su) knew Yoon Yang Ha could be his youngest brother whom he was separated long ago. However, Dong Su kept this secret away from Young Dal, and handed Young Dal’s childhood photo from Shin Hye.

Dong Su explained, “It was you with your father. You have always been holding hands with the girl in the photo. You both claimed to be the groom and bride.” Young Dal responded with guilt, “I’m getting my memories back but I feel guilty of not finding Dong Woo.” His eyes shined and that he will do whatever it takes to find his sibling.

Young Dal still doesn’t know that Yoon Yang Ha is his youngest brother, whom he is looking for with all his heart. Therefore, he cancelled the deal with You Jin (acted by Ji Yeon) that Yang Ha was in progress. The furious Yang Ha then grabbed Young Dal by his collar and confronted him.

Young Dal, who fails to know that Jeong Hee is his first love during childhood, ignored Jeong Hee and she said, “I know you are trying to push me away, but please, don’t.” His face showed ardent as he turned away from Jeong Hee.

Kim Jaejoong plays Heo Young Dal in Triangle, a drama portraying three brothers who lost their parents and live for years without knowing each other. Heo Yang Dal is the second child among the brothers, raised in an orphanage and lives a harsh life to survive the poverty.

Photo / MBC
Translation by / Judith (All About Cassiopeia)

Originally published at Osen here.

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