‘Triangle’ Star Kim Jae Joong In Behind The Scenes Shots

MBC Mondays-Tuesdays drama Triangle reveals shots from behind the scenes of JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong as Heo Young Dal and captured much attention.


The crew of Triangle revealed stills of Kim in the morning on July 7 after the constant requests from his fans. The hidden charms of Kim that are not observed during the broadcast have caught fans’ eyes.

One staff who is in charge of the stills in Triangle said in delight, “Kim Jaejoong has a height of 180cm and superior proportion like a model. Even when he just stands, it becomes a pictorial.” Good pictures are coming out so that it’s hard to separate picture A and picture B.


Moreover, the revealed shots were neither posed nor edited. The everyday pictures in a filming set are just like sitting on a chair, making phone calls, and reading scripts.

In the 18th episode of Triangle on July 1, Young Dal was in pain after he remarked coldly to save the kidnapped Jung Hee (acted by Baek Jin Hee). Young Dal and Jung Hee became further apart due to the misunderstanding and Yang Ha (acted by Im Si Wan), who saved Jung Hee, became closer to her.

Triangle is getting more interesting after the reveal of brotherhood and a triangular relationship that no one can predict. The show is broadcast every Mondays and Tuesdays at 10:00PM local time.

Photos / MBC
Translation by / Judith (All About Cassiopeia)

Originally published at Dong-A here.

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