JYJ’s Yoochun Features In The July Edition Of ‘Singles’ Magazine

Fashion magazine for confident singles, ‘Singles’ reveals pictorials and interview of JYJ’s Park Yoochun, who finishes his SBS drama Three Days and is waiting for his first movie Sea Fog on the big screen.

Park sincerely confides his thoughts on finishing his drama Three Days, behind the stories of his first movie Sea Fog, acting thoughts, and the process in preparing JYJ’s new album.



He conveyed his episode after the end of the drama, “I laid down the role of Han Tae Kyung from Three Days and returned to my everyday life, but I still recall Tae Kyung when I see suits. Every time I see the shirt, I made jokes like, ‘Where is the badge?!'” He also revealed that he feels excited and joyful each time when he starts to work on a new piece, but now he is trying to learn himself with a heart of ‘tightrope walking’.

He also said that he had many drinking sessions since he started acting and responded to his favorite liquor, “There is nothing better than ‘soju’ with ‘kkakdugi’ (T/N: Sliced radish ‘kimchi’) as a snack. I know there are many good and tasty drinks, but ‘soju’ is the only liquor that I’m familiar with.”


Rumor has it that Park is engaged in filming with a joyful heart like a playful boy even in the sweltering weather of Macau.

You can meet Park’s pictorials and interview in the July edition of ‘Singles’ that will be released on the 18th and ‘Singles’ homepage, a joyful online playground for confident singles.

Photos / Singles Korea
Translation by / Judith (All About Cassiopeia)

Originally published at TopStarNews.net here.

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