Cassiopeia Philippines Holds Its 11th Fan Gathering

The fan bases of TVXQ! in the Philippines grow strong despite the Korean boy band, comprising U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin, has not toured across the country yet. The Cassiopeia Philippines (CassPH) held their 11th gathering, 11G: Wasurenaide…Tsuzuku…, on June 7 at Marc 2000 Tower Penthouse in Manila.


The event started at 2:00PM and despite the hot sunny day, Filipino Cassies managed to look classy for the event. Before it officially started, attendees were given TVXQ!-themed chocolate treats from the registration booth. The fans were welcomed and introduced about the different traditions of the previous Cassiopeia Philippines’ gatherings. Games were carried out to bring everyone to get to know each other and make new friends. CassPH’s official goods were sold and a ‘buffet’ for pre-loved merchandise were available for sale.

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