JYJ Announces ‘JYJ CONCERT IN TOKYO DOME 2013′ DVD Release

Official page for Japan domestic record, limited release of 65,000 copies of DVD.
150,000 seats SOLD OUT for all 3 days!

The Return of The JYJ
The unforgettable concert is finally packaged!

The return of the king.
April 2013, along with the dancing petals of Sakura, the long-awaited JYJ has returned to Tokyo Dome.
For a period of 3 days, from 23rd April 2013, JYJ held a glamorous Tokyo Dome concert ‘THE RETURN OF THE JYJ’.

The approximate 3 hours stage, packed with 26 songs, began with an impressive opening reflecting the image of a spring clock. The strong bond between the artists and fans could be felt, and it was a performance that one wouldn’t be able to take their eyes off, with the members’ individual charm and JYJ’s charm as a whole.

JYJ greeted excited audience with the grand scale stage opening of Mission with 16 main dancers and 40 additional dancers, and two other songs Ayyy Girl and Be The One from the worldwide album The Beginning. Further, after a refined solo stage of each individual member, JYJ showcased their great coordinated performance through IN HEAVEN.

Taking advantage of Tokyo Dome’s scale, members’ talks, changed choreography for dance performances, and all the way to stage manners polished with perfect singing ability, 2013 JYJ Tokyo Dome Concert DVD ‘THE RETURN OF THE JYJ’ is a production which shows the pride and competitive spirit of the boys as an artist.

JAEJOONG – Please remember our love from this DVD ^^
YUCHUN – Even now, I still can’t forget. This voice. Thank you.
JUNSU – I’m feeling grateful from the bottom of my heart.


2014.06.01 JYJ Concert In Tokyo Dome 2013 DVD pre-order has started. Currently receiving orders with great popularity.
2014.05.30 Opening of this site. Prior email address registration has started.

DVD Detail

4-DVD bundle + photo booklet (around 200 pages) + mini poster (member’s message and signatures included)

Fixed price without tax will be 11,980 yen (12,938 yen after addition of 8% tax)
※ Additional shipping fees of 800 yen to be beared. Cash on delivery only (handling fees will be beared by our company)
※ Only one (1) item per order. In the case of orders for two (2) items and above, please create a new order.
※ Please note that delivery charge is applicable per order.

Scheduled to be released on 28th June 2014
(Date of sales may differ in accordance to the status of orders. In such cases, it will be announced on this homepage.)
• Japan domestic record (Region 2) 65,000 copies, full first press limited release
• Japanese subtitles (Japanese portion. English lyrics not included.)
Region Code 1 for North America
English subtitles (except for songs)
4-DVD bundle


DISC 1 CONCERT 1 (105 minutes)
Mission / Ayyy Girl / Be The One / Breath / Lullaby / Only Love / Friend / An Old Song / One Kiss / Glamorous Sky / Uncommitted / Minna Sora No Shita / Saiai / Walking With Her In The Spring / All Alone / Mine / Tarantallegra

DISC 2 CONCERT 2 (76 minutes)
In Heaven / The Boy’s Letter / Get Out / Dance Break / You’re / Found You / Rainy Blue / Fallen Leaves / Be My Girl / Empty

DISC 3 MAKING (44 minutes)
Press conference, practice scenes, rehearsals, etc

DISC 4 SPECIAL ANGLE (27 minutes)
Encore part, members’s individual camera

DVD Benefits

Photo Booklet
• Full record of around 200 pages, from performance and press conference, to practice scenes and backstage.

Mini Poster (4 types)
• Member’s message in Japanese and signatures included.

Click image for original resolution

Click image for original resolution

[Article is translated by Lin from All About Cassiopeia. Any copying, republication or redistribution content other than for personal uses is expressly prohibited.]

This article originally published at JYJ CONCERT IN TOKYO DOME DVD Official Site here.

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