TVXQ! WORLD TOUR “Catch Me” Live Album Schedules A Release On May 22nd

The fourth international and first worldwide concert of TVXQ! that was held in November 2012 will be compiled into a live album!

Just two weeks ago, the official tour photo book entitled, TVXQ! LIVE WORLD TOUR “Catch Me” Photo Book, was announced and is already on sale. The surprise doesn’t stop there as a live album recorded from the two-day concert in Seoul on November 17 and 18 in 2012 will be released two days from now.

It was five years ago that the last live album from the Korean tour was released which was recorded from the TVXQ! The 3rd Asia Tour Concert MIROTIC in Seoul in 2009. Check out the details of this upcoming live album after the jump!



Date of Release: May 22, 2014
Price: 22,000 Won

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JYJ’s Junsu Reveals Japan’s Spring Concert Rehearsal

The rehearsal shots for the JYJ Junsu’s best ballad spring tour concert in Japan were revealed.


On May 16, two photos were posted on the JYJ Official Facebook with the caption, “A sudden reveal of concert rehearsal photos of Kim Junsu, who should be proud of his perfect unison with the orchestra.”

The revealed photos were shot during the rehearsal for ‘2014 XIA THE BEST BALLAD SPRING TOUR CONCERT IN JAPAN’ on May 13 till May 15 at Tokyo’s Yoyogi National Gymnasium. Since the concert was 100% live, Kim Junsu showed an altitude of professionalism and fully focused even it was just a rehearsal. After all, it was said that Junsu practiced meticulously with the orchestra and the live band since it was the first performance in Japan with a musical and ballad concept.

His agency, C-JeS entertainment has revealed, “This concert was planned for Junsu to create a stage of forest and spring atmosphere. The Japanese fans were very touched by the 100% all live stages with their idol’s musical and ballad.”

On the other hand, Kim Junsu will meet fans through concert at Osaka’s Osaka-jō Hall from May 22 to the 24th.

Photo courtesy of C-JeS Entertainment

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