On Joo Wan: I Taught TVXQ!’s Yunho How To Dance

Actor On Joo Wan explained his relationship with singer U-Know Yunho of TVXQ!.


On the episode of JTBC Witch Hunt on May 9, emcees Shin Dong Yup, Seong Si Kyung, Heo Ji Woong, special emcee Yoo Se Yoon, panels Gwak Jeung Eun, Hong Seok Cheon, Han Hye Jin, guest stars Seong Seung Hoon and On Joo Wan were on the show, showing off their volubility with 19 and above topics.

On that day, the emcees said, “We heard On Joo Wan was so good at dancing that he taught S.M. Entertainment’s idols.” Shin Dong Yup asked On Joo Wan, “Which S.M. Entertainment’s idol did you teach back then?”

Thereupon, On Joo Wan mentioned his relationship with U-Know Yunho and said, “The one who went the best is U-Know Yunho. Dancing has many categories by nature, but I taught him jazz dance.”

Photo courtesy of JTBC Witch Hunt

[Article is translated by Judith and Jewel from All About Cassiopeia. Any copying, republication or redistribution content other than for personal uses is expressly prohibited.]

This article originally published at TVDaily here.

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