‘THE JYJ’ Magazine Released As Individual Pictorials In Japan And Korea + Details

The third volume ‘The JYJ’ has been released as individual magazines.


On February 4, C-JeS Entertainment stated, “We will unveil the cover of the magazine, that was scheduled to be released on February, to the public. In these individual versions of magazines, Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, and Kim Junsu put their true selves and their thoughts on the pictures through the collaboration with photographers.”

They continued, “These individual magazines will be released both in Japan and Korea. After the first pre-order ended, we were flooded with inquiries about this magazine, and that we will open the second pre-order today. Each magazine is in form of photo pictorial, made of about 130 pages, and the JYJ members have worked together with photographers Jo Seonhui, Mok Najeong and Kim Yeongjun.”

‘The JYJ’ is a very special interview magazine of JYJ and has gained popularity by releasing ‘First Issue Edition’ which contains exclusive interviews with JYJ members that took over 25 hours with frank answers, and ‘Summer Special Edition’ which contains pictorials in the theme of friends, friendship and interviews.

On the cover, Kim Jaejoong wears a loose gray-knitted jacket and shows his feeling of a carefree musician. Yoochun wears an openwork jacket that expresses a wild feeling, whereas Junsu exposes a dandy and strong visual which raise expectations toward each magazine.

Park Yoochun progressed his photoshoot in Busan where his movie “Sea Fog” was filmed. He put his versatile facial expressions as an actor on various concepts and backgrounds.

On the other hand, JYJ’s very special interview magazine ‘The JYJ’ ‘New Year Edition’ will be sold from February onward in both Japan and Korea.


Below are the press release details of the third volume of ‘The JYJ’ from C-JeS Store:

Product Description:
JYJ who met their own another philosophy through each of their solo activities from the end of 2013 to beginning of 2014!

Photographers who present in Korea, Jo Seonhui (Kim Jaejoong), Mok Najeong (Park Yoochun), Kim Yeongjun (Kim Junsu) made photo albums full of each person’s individuality. These three JYJ members faced their inner selves while carrying out solo activities and share feelings with the photographers!

You can meet all of JYJ’s sincerity in the form of pictures from the inspiration of musician Kim Jaejoong who is receiving love from his Asia Tour, the face of actor Park Yoochun who is filming the movie ‘Sea Fog’ by the ocean, and the story of actor Kim Junsu who met various inner self through Musical December!

Date of Sales: February 4, 2014 till February 14, 2014
Delivery Schedule: Begins after the 1st batch of delivery ends (around the middle of March)

● Jaejoong Edition, Yoochun Edition, Junsu Edition (each sold separately)
● Similar to the last edition which consists the following pictorials:

  1. Kim Jaejoong’s Osaka Concert photoshoot included
  2. Park Yoochun Busan location photoshoot included
  3. Kim Junsu Musical December musical practice live photoshoot included

Size: 260mm x 370 mm
Number of Pages: 130 pages for each magazine including front and back covers
Price: 33,000 Won

Photos courtesy of C-JeS Entertainment

[Article is translated by Judith and Jewel from All About Cassiopeia. Any copying, republication or redistribution content other than for personal uses is expressly prohibited.]

This article originally published at StarNNews here and C-JeS Store here.

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