Something of TVXQ! [INFOGRAPHIC]

The one who became the 1st place in all music broadcast shows last week was TVXQ!, who returned with Something, which makes to move the body along with the swing jazz melody. Since the debut, TVXQ! has been always maintaining its top place for 10 years until now, just like their tall heights. Because of such reputation, it was not that easy to approach and examine TVXQ!.

It seems like they reduced their energy a little bit in 2014 but they are still cool with fantastic performance hidden within the agility that is unique to them. The detailed charm of U-Know and MAX from TVXQ! will be revealed through STAR CAST.

# We will proceed after looking at the profile


You guys know the meaning of the team name TVXQ!, right? 東方神起, the god of the east is rising.
They made their debut on December 26th, 2003 with ‘Hug’ that made all the girls in Korea not able to fall asleep. Just like a daily life arts and physical education figure, MAX was casted to be in SM while playing badminton and U-Know was famous as a naturally-talented dancer in Gwangju. Since their debut and also now, they are still actively participating in volunteer and donation activities. Both of them have tall heights over 180cm and are the oldest son in their families, so they have responsibilities and are reliable.

# SOMETHING that is examined through keywords

They intended to show the re-interpretation of SMP, friendliness, transformation, characteristic of appealing to the public and masculinity through this 7th album’s Something. They became the top on various charts and music shows after releasing the album and have once again showed off their excellence. From the dance moves, comeback report and detailed episodes, we have put everything into a sheet of paper.


# Looking TVXQ! through the records

When it comes to talking about TVXQ!, the concert and the stories about the fans cannot be left out.
There was Japan 5th Dome Tour that accompanied a total of 850,000 people and also a historic moment in which they filled Nissan Stadium that can hold more than 70,000 people entirely in red last year. Also, the number of their albums sold since the debut until now for 10 years exceeded 10 million in Korea and Japan altogether and showed off their legendary side.


The detailed memories with the fans and the members of TVXQ! are also memorable. Out of that, the phrase ‘I will always be by your side’ that touched the hearts at 10th anniversary performance comes to mind. We hope that the trust relationship with TVXQ!, who have stayed the same for 10 years maintaining their place on top with best sides, and the fans, who always have been showing support, last forever. WE ARE T ~ TVXQ!


Photos courtesy of SM Entertainment

[Infographic is translated by Judith and Jewel from All About Cassiopeia. Any copying, republication or redistribution content other than for personal uses is expressly prohibited.]

This article originally published at Naver here.

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