U.S. Billboard: “TVXQ! 10th Anniversary Is Something To Be Celebrated Globally”

One of America’s notable music magazines, Billboard, has exclusively spotlighted the meaning of TVXQ!’s 10th anniversary debut and the band’s active role after the recent release of its 7th album ‘TENSE’.


On January 15, Billboard posted an article on K-TOWN, a K-Pop column on the site, titled ‘Happy 10th Anniversary, TVXQ! 10 Shining Moments in the K-Pop Icons’ Career’ and mentioned, “K-pop phenom TVXQ! celebrating a decade in the K-pop scene is cause for celebration not only in its native South Korea, but also around the world.”


Billboard said, “Since its late 2003 debut, the male act has pushed the boundaries of what it means to be a global Korean act” and added, “A mere 10 years later, TVXQ! is K-pop royalty. While many idol acts struggle to make it to the five-year benchmark, TVXQ! continues to break records and stay a step ahead of the pack.”

Billboard also classified the active role of TVXQ! in 10 different themes such as ‘The Break Through of TVXQ!’, ‘World Record of Largest Fan Club’, ‘Sweeping Success of 4th Album ‘MIROTIC”, ‘First Foreign Artist to Perform on “Kohaku Uta Gassen”‘, ‘Tokyo Dome Tour’, ‘Duo’s Strong Return’, ‘First Foreign Artist at Nissan Stadium’, ‘Billboard’s K-Pop Masters Concert Representative’, ‘First Solo Concert in LA’ and ’10th Anniversary Concert in Korea’ and showed high interests by introducing the records and their meanings in detail.

Previously, TVXQ! received positive comments from Billboard with the 7th album release saying that, “It’s an album that is good enough to satisfy the fans of Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars and other R&B fans.”


Meanwhile, TVXQ! was ranked 1st place with their title song Something in Mnet ‘M! Countdown’ on January 16 and is expected to appear on MBC ‘Show! Music Core’ on 18th and SBS ‘Popular Music’ on 19th.

Photos courtesy of SM Entertainment and Osen

This article content originally published at Osen here.

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