Star Cast With TVXQ! – “‘Something’ About ‘Something’ That TVXQ! Talks About” [EXCLUSIVE]


10 years since the debut, it is that 10 years in which the rivers and the mountains change. Among that time’ TVXQ!’ also changed. Wait, no, they transformed. The new album ‘TENSE’ is the result of it. ‘TENSE’ has the meaning of ‘Mind being sensitive’. It means an ever-nervous stage. There is one more meaning; it has the same pronunciation as ‘10th’, which represents 10 years.

The change of TVXQ!, it was so joyful. It could be seen in the title song ‘Something’. This song is a swing jazz genre in which TVXQ! tries for the first time. It is lively and joyful. It is at the opposite point from the previous music which was magnificent and powerful. In one word, it is public-friendly.

“Since it is the 10th year since the debut, we wished to show TVXQ!’s lively and joyous side that was not there originally. New music, our goal is to pursue several different kinds of genres and this time, we chose swing jazz. We had in our minds wanting to come closer in a way in which we can appeal more to the public. We could say that this is a gift we give to lots of fans.

Why would TVXQ! have chosen the song ‘Something’ as the album title song for 10th anniversary since their debut in New Year 2014? In regards to that, ‘Something’ was hidden inside. It is ‘Something’ about ‘Something’ that TVXQ! shares to the readers of ‘STARCAST’ themselves.


“Something, it is a sign of change.” (by U-Know)

First, we asked in relation to the aspect of music. We were curious about the reason why they chose ‘Something’. The answer was simple. It is ‘a sign of change’. MAX conveyed “We wanted to show various sides. We were looking for the music that we often listen and sing and the music that can show liveliness and joyfulness. ‘Something’ was the right one”.

It was same for U-Know also. He said “We have added a modernistic joyful element to a classical genre, which never gets old even when the time passes” and added “We had in our minds wanting show it to more people and let more people listen to it. It is like a sign that signals that TVXQ! will be trying various genres of music from now on.”

Did the composer change also? One surprising story, Yoo Young Jin•Yoo Han Jin brothers composed ‘Something’. They usually composed ‘SMP’ (Unique powerful music of SM that is performance-based), so the fans showed surprised reactions. Can it be that there is a change in Yoo Young Jin and Yoo Han Jin?

“TVXQ! pursued performance music a lot and because these two became the center of it, I think the image ‘Yoo Young Jin•Yoo Han Jin=SMP’ was formed. However, these two composers are familiar with various music genres. We are expecting to continue presenting various sides with these two people.” (TVXQ!)

Which part did they think about the most in terms of music? It is the vocal. Swing jazz is easy to listen but hard to sing because the rhythm has to be emphasized. U-Know said “It is a 24-bit. I tried to express the rhythm in a cheerful way. For the joy of listening, I even highlighted the pronunciations that has nuance such as ‘Quietly and silently’” and described.

MAX also said “Enjoying the rhythm in a cheerful way is its unique characteristic. I wanted to show the charm of the song by well-highlighting the rhythm from the perspective of someone who sings” and added “I put effort into making people wanting to shake their shoulders up and down while matching with the rhythm. The range of the note is not as high compared to usual songs so I am thinking that this is the song in which lots of people can listen and sing easily” and answered.


◆ “The dance move is a musical with the story” (by MAX)

Something that cannot be left our when talking about TVXQ!, that is performance. A high level performance also shows up this time. It is the line performance. They portrayed playing the guitar using the rope and even make the rectangular ring in the boxing stadium. The fantastic movements such as making a standing microphone with the rope or showing the moves of Marionette and so on are shown.

The dance moves are in charge of Tony Testa, who worked with Britney Spears and Janet Jackson and so on. Where would the ideas have come from? U-know said “You could have felt that the swing jazz song looks like Las Vegas show, which has lots of things to watch. Wouldn’t the idea of expressing something came to mind with that? That is the start of the line performance.”

From here, it is episode 2. Not only TVXQ!, but also the dancers use the rope. Line performance, wouldn’t there have been a trial-and-error? U-Know countlessly fell down stepping on the rope and crashed when the movements were twisted. What we have right now is the result of endlessly practicing. However, we do not know what kind of variances can occur so we cannot be relaxed” and shared what is on his mind.

MAX said that the ending performance was most difficult. It is relying on the rope and falling forward. He said “The line dance move is first time ever in Korea. Personally, there were lots of times when I fell down while doing the ending pose so, I was worried. But now, with lots of practice and by exchanging opinions, I currently have adapted well”.

He also emphasized the difference from the already existing dance moves. The purpose was the musical that has a story. MAX said “To be differentiated from the dance moves of already existing swing style songs, I have put lots of thought into it. I think the line performance was highlighted in that aspect. I became familiar with it by practicing steadily whenever I had time” and revealed.

U-Know added to MAX’s answer. He said “Various dynamic and fancy elements show up” and added “We create an ensemble with the dancers using the rope and it completed into a performance that gives feeling of as if watching the musical that has a story. Because of that, we came to present TVXQ!’s new charms” and answered.


◆ “Style? I guess it is lively sexiness….” (by U-Know)

Lots of changes were made in the style also. They became lighter compared to the previous times. A cheerful image was added with short pants that shows ankles and by using the tiger stripe and so on. MAX said “Rather than trying to be too heavy, we wanted to present a lively stage with playful facial expressions and for that reason, we gave a light feel to the outfit compared to the previous time” and described.

U-Know said “The overall concept is Big Band style. We have added modernistic elements to it” and said “We took the classic characteristic of suit itself. To this, we mixed and matched the modern elements such as plaid and so on. We have portrayed the sides of TVXQ! that is lively but not just light” and noted.

The hair is what TVXQ! gave most changes to. They daringly tried the hair in which they did not show before even once. MAX said “We dyed our hair and added the curls sideways. It is the style we have not tried before. We tried various hair styles for 10 years, but this is the first time. We wanted to give a light feeling” and described.

U-Know is also continuing lively trials with an wave perm and 1:9 division of the hair and so on. U-Know said “Rather than emphasizing luxuriousness, we pursued natural characteristics. It is a style that matches well with the suit” and emphasized that “In one word, it is a lively sexiness”.

The differences in style of the members were also considered. The suit style is the same and the colors of the outfit are also unified for the most of the time. However, we have added difference in terms of the detail. U-Know was relatively more lively. In contrast, MAX decided to go with a little more formal concept. They each have emphasized their own charms.

TVXQ! said “We did not distinguish the characteristics in terms of the members or the body type. We try to balance in terms of the detail” and said “There is a part where we differentiate in styles. U-Know is styled a little more light by wearing a vest and MAX dresses formally by choosing a neat jacket” and depicted the difference.


◆ “From the joy of watching to the joy of listening ~” (by MAX)

In the end, what ‘Something’ is talking about is the change of TVXQ!. The purpose lies in breaking the frame. They contained their will to communicate with the public. U-Know said “Not only in terms of the performance, but it would be good to think of us as artists who have various colors. We wish to be a group whom the public is attracted to” and conveyed their hopes.

MAX also thinks the same. MAX said “If people have thought of TVXQ!’s music as ‘Watching music’ until now, then we hope to promote the image of ‘Listening music’ also through ‘Something’, saying that TVXQ! can also pull off “’Easy listening’ music, and that we are currently doing it” and requested.

They even gave a tip of enjoying ‘Something’ in a much joyful way. U-Know suggested singing ‘Something’ when going to a karaoke. He said “I recommend singing ‘Something’ when going to a karaoke. I think it would be more fun since people can do the line dance using the line from the microphone” and shared a way to apply.

TVXQ! shared a resolution of 10 years since the debut also added the resolution afterwards. U-Know said “We plan to transform endlessly from now on to the future” and said “Our goal is to pursue new music. The 10th year is the year in which we come closer in a way that can appeal to the public. We look forward to what side will we come closer in the 11th year also” and added.

What about the thoughts of MAX? He said “When talking about TVXQ!, everyone thinks of the performance” and “One thing certain is that ‘Something’ is the determination to present various music. Also, it is the confidence that we can do music. 10 years since the debut, I really wanted to share this” and wrapped up.

Written by Na Ji Yeon(Dispatch)
Pictures SM Entertainment, Dispatch DB

This article originally published at Naver here.

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